Best app/prog with zoom function to view exported video clips?


I’m new to Blink and this community. Hope someone can help re: my query.

Can anyone recommend an app/prog that has a zoom facility so that when I export video clips, I can still zoom in when replaying the videos?

I currently export the clips to google photos and VLC player but neither allow the option to zoom in. Don’t want to reposition the cameras as they’re in an ideal position for nature watch on newly discovered fox family :fox_face:

Apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong category. Thanks in advance for any replies :blush:

VLC for Windows has zoom.


VLC will play dang near any kind of video or audio file. Icon is an orange cone. Can’t mistake it. Can’t go wrong using it. Very easy to use. Yup zoom function and if I recall, has slow motion feature also.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m using vlc on my android phone and iPad mini. I’ve searched but can’t seem to find a zoom. Any ideas please? Or is there another app that would be better? Thanks.

Yes, I love vlc player for most things. Can’t for the life of me find a zoom function. Any other progs that might do this for an android phone or iPad mini please?

Couldn’t say for Android Phone app, but might I suggest just trying pinch zoom, or Googling ‘how to’? If not, MX Player seems to work well on Android, and definitely has pinch zoom.

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You can sort of zoom in. Tap the screen tgen bottom right you will see a rectangle which allows you to toggle image format. CENTRE setting gives a zoomed in image.

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Export the video clips to your computer via emailing them as a file attachment to yourself. Then use VLC to view video. The computer screens is way bigger than your mobile device.

I have only used VLC on a desktop pc. Not mobile app. There is no reason to use VLC to watch a Blink video. The Blink mobile app allows you to watch the video clips AND zoom in. Zoom = pinch fingers gesture.

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Yes, I agree, the Blink zoom function is ideal, but I don’t want to keep these clips on Blink permanently as they’ll accumulate and take up storage space on the Blink app. The fox family we’re watching are very entertaining and can frolic for a while… foraging for food, chasing each other, jumping up trees (at a considerable height, that was a surprise to us!) and generally goofing around.

Appreciate a computer-based prog may be better suited for zooming in but it’s not convenient for us as we tend to use phones and iPads, as do our friends and family.

Happy with Blink and enjoying learning about the wildlife right on our doorstep.