Beginners Camera Info

I bought my first home security cameras last Aug., a few Blinks then a few Reolinks. I wanted to learn more about them and did a lot of Internet searches. For my own reference I wrote some notes to help me sort out the maze of all the brands, camera features, etc.

I want to thank the regulars on this site for being so helpful with users problems. Thank you Joel_Ek, ceedee, bradyapba and others! I am not tech savvy. But I decided to post my notes to hopefully be of some help to beginners like me. It has general info. I tried to post it as a PDF file but this site would not allow it. I scanned the pages as jpeg. It’s not the best way to view. Sorry the print is so small. If you tap on a page it should get bigger. You could download the pages, zoom in a little on your computer if you are so inclined. If this helps just one user then I’ll be glad I gave back just a little.

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Great writeup of your findings and thanks for the key people mentions.

Sadly nowadays, most people will never read what you documented. The attention span is too short. However, people will blow all day watching videos or even power point style slide presentations. Attention span for reading written text seems to be proportional to age.

Another thing I talk about every week here in this community is beginners, newbies, whatever you want to call them don’t read owner’s manuals. They want the answer to their problem dropped in their lap with little to no effort on their end. I’d give this one the 80/20 rule. 80% wont, 20% will. Again, it has to do with reading documentation. Video guides however, seem to work much better.

My observations - your mileage will vary.

Thanks Joel_Ek. What, read? I thought they stopped teaching reading years ago. Ha. Ha. They did stop teaching cursive writing in the school district I live in.

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They teach reading. But only if it’s formatted correctly for the LCD screen the school hands out to the kids. LOL Cursive phonetically sounds too much like cursing. Gotta go on the school bus and playground for those lessons.

Nice write-up Livingwater. Lots of interesting and relevant information. I too tested several camera brands or trolled for their info. Brands make a difference depending on what your willing to spend. Thanks for sharing your notes.