Before calling support - Camera connectivity issues

I’ve been seeing people bash the product due to perceived issues. I received my Blink XT2 2-Camera kit yesterday and was excited to install. I purchased some mounts from another vendor as well as the echo show 5. I went into the project expecting to have issues and I did. I told myself that I was going to resolve the issues myself. I installed the app and followed the instructions to install the sync module. It installed as it was supposed to. The issue came when it was time to install the cameras. I tried and tried to install the cameras and they would install successfully. By the time I got them in place on front and rear porch, the app could not communicate with them. I became frustrated uninstalling and re-installing. I told myself I would contact support the following day when I had time to troubleshoot. I laid in the bed and attempted to get the cameras to respond with no success. Finally, I went to my wireless router and was going to reboot, when I noticed that I had 15 devices connected to my Verizon hotspot. I have a 15 device limit on that hotspot. I looked through the list of connected devices and began turning off IoT devices that didn’t need to be connected. I attempted to connect to the again cameras and voila! They have been online since and work very well. I am extremely satisfied with the quality and value. The moral to this story, is be patient and understand that you are getting a product a good price and that you will need to put some effort into getting it to work in your environment.

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I agree entirely. Perseverance and tenacity is a virtue. A shame more people can’t adopt your mentality.

Good job.
Support will ask you, what else is running on your network as well as, what is your network. More and more users are getting into bandwidth limitations and network conflicts.