Be careful about using 3rd party "Blink XT mounts" on Outdoor and Indoor cameras

I learned the hard way that mounts designed for Blink XT and XT2 cameras are incompatible with the Infrared sensors on the new Outdoor and Indoor cameras, even those most of those mount manufacturers claim their mounts are compatible with the Outdoor/Indoor cameras and even show photos of them being used this way.

The problem is the Infrared sensors are along the sides of the lens in the new cameras, and the older mounts are usually designed with vertical slots for the lens, thereby blocking the IR sensors. When the IR sensors are blocked, the motion detection will never work right, and the cameras become useless in the dark.

It’s frustrating dealing with either dishonest or ignorant 3rd party manufacturers who don’t know their mounts are incompatible.

So just be careful. For the Outdoor/Indoor cameras to work right, the entire front of the camera needs to be uncovered.

yup i learned the hard way, I made a post about it a while back

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:joy:that’s awesome

I also ended up being on the receiving end of this problem too. I bought XT series weather-resistant covers on Amazon after reading some of the reviews saying yes they fit the Outdoor series. Yes, they “fit” but in the process of doing so they cover the front indicator light and IR illumination light, so watching your video recordings after dark were just sound with nothing but pitch dark black screen. Had to send them back and I eventually ordered several of these: These covers fit AND are compatible.
It took a little while for the accessory market to start catching up with the new Outdoor cams after they first came out.

Well call me stupid! Thanks for this, I didn’t even REALIZE, as I don’t get many notifications at night, and when I do I have bright LED solar lights that trigger. I didn’t even put 2 and 2 together.
To be completely fair. The ones I bought on Amazon clearly state that they are for the XT and XT2. No mention of the outdoor. So at least in my case this was not the manufacture giving false info.
But I did “Ask a question” in regards to the product if they work for the Outdoor and got replies they did.
So I have altered my review, nothing against the product or the seller, as they are advertising them correctly. Just warning others of what will happen.
I think I will take a littler more precise approach to altering mine then what the OP did :slight_smile: I think a neatly punched out hole slightly larger than the IR sensor will make it look nice and clean and avoid any additional weather from getting to the camera.
Thanks for the heads up OP. I am sure I would have figured this out, just no idea when.

PS These were the ones I purchased on Amazon

You guys are catching up and realizing what others already know. The components moved on 3rd generation XT-3 aka Outdoor camerras. IR night vision LED, speaker, screw mount. ALL of these do not let you use previous generation 2 mounts AND the rubber covers. You have to use 3rd party items specific to 3rd generation cameras.

Previous threads on this subject.
From February Infrared not working on 3rd generation outdoor cameras

Blink’s official page on Amazon. They sell their own covers and mounts. Each item is specific to XT-2 or Outdoor camera.

3rd party sellers you always have to be careful with. Choose an easy to return for refund option if you go with 3rd party items.

Be especially careful if you go with the stacked battery pack (4 battery total) and any covers or mounts used with that. Not sure if Blink version is available yet.

Just another money grab. They are taking a page out of Apple’s book. Once there is enough 3rd party accessories for your device, you change the complete layout of it to make those items incompatible, forcing the consumer to purchase new accessories directly from you instead.