Battery replacement after 2 months!

I have had the cameras 2 months and already got a low battery warning! 3 bars to WiFi - 4 bars to sync module.
Clip length is only 10 sec… qualify is in middle range… my settings should not be the reason the batteries died!!!
Not happy I had to buy new batteries already! So much for 2 years! Lasted less than 2 months!!

How much activity is in the area of the camera? That has a bearing on battery life too.

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Not much by my standards. It’s an outdoor camera that gets about 4-5 motion activations a day for max 10 sec each. It’s covering the driveway so just when we leave or return home.

Hey @Cassidy75,

I recommend contacting support so they can take a more detailed look at your system! IF your camera batteries are in fact draining too fast, they should be able to assist! Keep us updated!

I’ve now had five cameras drain within 3 months. 3 internal ones might trigger once a month and the externals twice a day for 5 seconds.

What I do notice is that the “Last Updated” Status (presume firmware) is always upto date within the last few seconds of looking at it and the red light on the internal cameras flash regularly even when not armed.

I suspect my cameras are constantly seeking to download and that is what drains my battery. Can’t find a way of stopping it.

They are also all within a few feet of one of the router ir satellite and I have two sync modules to separate the external and internal cameras.

Any thoughts?

Since it’s happening to 5 cams across 2 sync modules it is obviously a system problem - somewhere. I would try rebooting your router. If that doesn’t work I suggest you call support for troubleshooting help. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

All my cameras batteries don’t last longer than about 2 months. There can be a lot of motion clips as they are located in a walk space under our house where a lot of night time creatures walking around down there. I’ve also noticed that the large quantity of “used” batteries have regained their full load requirements after a little time out of the cameras. Is it ok to reuse these batteries after they have regained full capacity?

I am also experiencing short battery life only a couple months. When checking the system settings and battery life it always says “OK”. When I go outside and I stand in front of the camera clicks and succession very rapidly like it’s taking snapshots and then the battery dies a quick death after that. so apparently once the battery reaches a certain level of drain the device malfunctions. I have 2 cams and it’s only happening to one of the cams.

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That is correct. The batteries indicator is not reliable.

I have to change mine about every 6 months, but I get a lot of recordings

Exactly what happens to one of my three cameras. The other cameras work ok with over a year of battery life.

I bought my camera 2 months ago and have had to change the batteries 4 times already!