Battery life on camera

Bought the blink wireless cameras around October time and really wish I hadn’t, batteries are lasting a week maximum if that! When I red the description on Argos when purchasing it states battery life up to two year. We having to change them weekly, costing us £25 a time as we have 5 cameras and each requires 2 lithium batteries, so that’s £100 a month we spending on batteries. I’m beginning to think the cameras are faulty. What can I do about this?

You’re supposed to do homework and realize what up to 2 years really means. If ALL 5 cameras are going through batteries weekly, you not only bought the wrong technology, you obviously didn’t do the homework either.

Short story, you have way too motion detection events for a battery powered system. Go with solar power or go with wired power.

The 2 year thing with Blink is well qualified in many places. This is an example.

50-70 seconds per day. That’s 1 minute of use per day. You’re going to find out the truth either before you buy (homework) or after you buy (didn’t meet assumptions/expectations) and now you’re writing in this community.

This follows the 80/20 rule. 80% figure it out after they buy. 20% figure it out before they buy. Most people hate doing research, homework, and reading owner’s manuals.

Not sure if you guys in UK are getting screwed on battery prices or not. In USA, Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA size batteries are 1 dollar each when you buy them in bulk. You are paying 2.50 each. Way overpriced!

I did briefly look into cameras all had good reviews on the Argos page, think I’m just going to get rid and get some wired ones as it’s just hassle having to change them weekly.

I have 3 Blink XT’s running on first set of batteries since november 2018.

2 years is quite doable. To me the key was integrating with home automation, they are only armed when I’m away. Occasionally peeps at live view.

But I also tweaked a Blink Mini to run outdoors. It beats the Blink XT in picture quality by a wide margin. If you can put it somewhere protected from weather and wire the usb power…

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I don’t mind about battery life even if it has only 6 month life. Those batteries are cheap any way.