Battery life is poor in high traffic areas

I installed my system back in July of 2019. Not exactly sure when the date. It’s now telling me to replace the battery. I admit it’s installed in a high traffic area and I do have it armed during the day but 4 months ain’t no where near 2 years!

We all agree with you. Your car isn’t getting the gas mileage promised by the manufacturer either. Too many variables.

Lots of discussion in the forum about “up to 2 years” and what that really means.

I hit about 6 months on my driveway. I ran a 26ft micro usb cable under my eve, going to an outside GCFI outlet. No more worries!

My car gets just about what Honda says it should get on the freeway. Respectfully, that ain’t good analogy!

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Did you read and understand the disclaimer to the 2 year battery life?
Respectfully, if you actually did, this thread would be unnecessary. .


Read… Read… Read!

4 months is pretty darn well. My camera is also located in a high traffic area and it lasts only a month.