Battery died and no notification for low battery

This is the third time the batteries have died in al three of my cameras. Every time there was no notification! I don’t mind changing the batteries when they are low. However I do mind that I paid and arm and a leg for these cameras that don’t perform as marketed. How am I to monitor my home when. The cameras die and I’m only made aware when I stop getting notifications of movement on said camera. Also I should add when I look at the cameras statistics it says the battery of “ok” . Which is clearly inaccurate as the camera has dead batteries inside. Please help this is not okay.


What did you use for replacement batteries?

Used AA lithium energizer batteries as recommended . I know why the batteries aren’t lasting. I want to know why I’m not being notified of low battery.


The XT cameras usually show low battery before they are really dead. Typically however, one battery will be dead and the other one is still full charge.

Dead = 1.3 volts or lower.
Good = 1.5 volts or higher.

The XT-2 cameras are new so no pattern on this yet.

If yours are all XT you’ll have to work with tech support for a real solution. Having the latest firmware in each camera and latest mobile app version will be checked and confirmed.

I have the same exact problem, and I watch the battery level and it never says anything but OK and then the next thing you know… DEAD, and as well I notice when its not catching movement which is impossible. this really needs to be addressed. I am running all the latest firmwares and I use only Energizer Lithiums. AND the damn XT is INDOORS!!!

Just had the same issue with 3 of the 5 cameras in my system over the past 2 weeks (bad timing with winter and all). No low battery indicator, just no more activity…an email notification or something would be nice since the low battery indicator is obviously not working like it should…

I had the same issue too, no warning the batteries are dead, just no activity. It says battery life is OK… I thought something was wrong with the camera until I read these posts…

I have 5 XT2 cameras with the same issue. As well as a few other irritating issues that I’ll post about in the correct threads.
Ok, the battery dies and it didn’t warn you, so replace it and get on with it. HOWEVER, what if I’m actually using the cameras to watch over my home while I’m out of town? What if I pull up the app and 2 out of 5 cameras are offline? I can’t just head outside and replace those expensive 1.5v lithium AA batteries and start monitoring again. I need a little bit of a heads up so I can schedule someone to go over and replace those batteries.
But if the system can’t complete the function, don’t advertise the function. Some of us buy products based off of functionality.

I have had the same issue with my X2s for the last year now. The first time it happened, I thought there was something wrong with the camera. I’ve never received any notification that the battery is low but they are and when I change them the cameras work again. Why is it so hard for them to fix this? Like previous comments echo, it’s very inconvenient and possibly dangerous when you can’t plan ahead. If I am away from my home for a while, I except these to work as advertised.

Study how a lithium (not lithium ion) battery works and you’ll realize you can’t plan ahead for low battery. Also the comment possibly dangerous…if that’s for real in your world, you bought the wrong product. Period! Dangerous situations need commercial quality products. Not cheap entry level plastic toys. Blink is a home monitoring product. It is not a security system nor is it robust and reliable for anything other than casual home use.

My cameras have been going lower in voltage before the replace battery icon pops up on mobile app. I can tell the batteries are low when the blue light flashes quickly and I can here clicking noise of IR filter trying to work. A few days of this and the replace battery indicator light finally came on the mobile app. I suspect the threshold for activating the replace battery icon has changed on Blinks end. Either a firmware push or a mobile app change during one of the updates.

What’s the point of a low battery indicator then? It should let you know if the battery is running low. if there’s no way to do that with lithium batteries then don’t tell users that they can expect a warning then.

I understand that it’s for casual monitoring but If I plan to be away from my home for a few weeks, I would like to know that there is enough battery for me to monitor the comings and goings when I am away and not for it to die on me when I am far away with no way to change them. I don’t think most people with a security camera, let alone ones for casual home monitoring are constantly looking at the light indicator or listening for a clicking noise regularly just to infer the battery status. So I do get this is not a pro monitoring system, but they advertise that there is a low battery warning, but it simply doesn’t work. I have never gotten any warning in the app when any of my cameras go out. This has happened 3 times now. The camera just stops monitoring. I have the latest firmware on all my cameras and am running the latest version of the app.

Because lithium batteries have a discharge curve of full, full, full full low empty. Low and empty are very close to each other. The replace battery icon does work. Its just doesn’t give you much warning before camera goes offline.

Lithium does not work like your cellphone tablet laptop batteries. Those are lithium ion, have a much more gradual discharge curve and they’re way more expensive.

If the “replace battery icon does work” why are they unable to send a notification to the user when the status changes over. It seems like a lot of people with Blink cameras never gotten that notification ever, I included.