Batteries to last 2 years what kind are those and where do you get them

Batteries that last 2 years what kind are they and where do you get them cuz mine last maybe a w

If you are using Lithium batteries and they are only lasting a week, that means your cameras are likely active constantly. Always recording clips. And you possibly have your settings for quality at it’s highest.
OR you are using Alkaline batteries as replacements. These are what I use

And with the recommended settings and use I have the same batteries in that came with my cameras and I currently have 5, 2 of which have been running over a year with the same batteries.

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2 years = up to 2 years. If you’re not getting two years it’s because your mobile app settings, camera positioning, event detection and event frequency are not optimized. ALL of those items are up to YOU to optimized as it’s a self installed sell adjusted self optimized system.

Your other choice is to buy a system that is more expensive with professional installers doing the work. As you already know by now you F-ed up and bought the wrong system. You have way too many motion detect events for a battery only powered system. That means bad assumptions or not enough homework before purchase on your end.

Return it and get your money back. Oh wait, let me guess, you’ve had yours too long to do that. 30 days goes so fast its’ll make your head spin.

Agree with this 100%. I have 5 Blinks, that are only on when we aren’t home or at night, they are not placed in any high motion areas. I use them for exactly what they are meant for,

I have 2 hard wired IP Cameras for High Traffic areas that record 24/7. That I can review at any time from my PC or Mobile APP. I installed them myself, pretty easy if you have some basic level of home improvement / repair knowledge. That may be what you need for what you’re doing and expect from a camera.

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Go back in time 4 to 5 years ago when Blink’s 1st outdoor XT generation camera was released. It was marketed for home monitoring and the justification was porch pirates stealing goodies you ordered online via e-commerce. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. Porch pirate and package delivery person s a warm body visiting your door on an occasional frequency. Once a week to once a day, whatever it may be.

Since day 1, people have been buying XT series outdoor cameras and trying to get them to function as a wired security camera with the bells and whistles that go with wired camera systems. They bought Blink because it was 100% wireless and had zero operating costs as cloud storage was free. Cost to replace batterries is 2 to 4 bucks. Even if batteries only lasted 3 months instead of 2 years, the operating cost is minimal.

It’s a classic case of buy cheap and expect/demand more than what you bought. Free upgrades as it runs on a mobile app. It’s just programming, what’s the big deal!!! I lay out the facts and truths and the truth is Amazon is in it for profit. Lots of profit… Welcome to reality. In all of it, buy it, try it, return it. Blink/Amazon lets you experiment for FREE. Not a bad gig if you think of it that way.

I don’t consider 30days long enough to discover the limitations of this system.

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