Batteries Dying within 10 Days

Hello, We bought a Blink camera around 3 months, we are having to replace the batteries every 1-2 weeks. We are using the Energizer Lithium Ultimate. We have set the camera to only activate during certain hours when there is little activity (overnight) to see if this makes a difference. It doesn’t, the batteries are still only lasting around 10 days. We also have another blink camera in a different location, at our front door, which gets much more use, yet the batteries have lasted for the full 3 months so far.

Contacting customer support is your best bet. You may have a wonky camera.

I agree with ceedee, contact support. You probably have a bad camera. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Thanks. I contacted support, they said it is a processor issue with the camera which is draining the battery.

Customer support checked the camera and said it was an issue with a faulty processor causing the battery to drain. After a while they said they would replace it and sent me some tracking info. Im in the UK and the replacement went from Ireland to France then back to Ireland. I contacted them again several times since 24th but they are now not replying. Will be returning it to Amazon.

Call customer service. I always get better results via phone

Hello, Thanks for your reply. As I am in England, they only have email support available.


I used the search function and found this in about 15 seconds.