Barely saw ya

Clip speaks for itself.


Hint #1 Cameras like looking into the sun as much as humans. Put the floods behind not in front of camera. With all that lighting, try IR setting off = color night vision. Try these out - I love em. Neloodony Solar Lights Outdoor 100 LED Waterproof Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor Super Bright Security Wall Lights for Yard, Patio, Garden, Garage, Steps, Deck (4 Pack) - -

Hint #2 Spring time is hungry bear time. Bears go random batchit and destroy stuff. While filming Yogi is all cool neato, having to repair the aftermath is not. Ask DNR for 2nd opinion regarding bird feeders vs. bears.


Ya, they’re porch string lights, so they’re staying.
But I know what you’re saying.

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Department of Natural Resources States have their own DNR.