Background noise

I have 10 cameras and all were working until 4/21, when I show each camera there is very loud background noise. Four of them are inside with complete silence and the background noise sounds like a clock ticking and then the sound of an electrical power saw starts. The sound goes on and never stops. I have restarted my system and even pulled the battery of the camera but nothing helps. Has anyone experienced this. Each camera, xt2 xt and original indoor camera is affected.

Mine do that. Always have. Just figured that it was poor shielding on a cheap camera.

Yes my indoor cameras thats the white ones, and my XT cameras all pick up indoor noises , I once thought someone was breaking into the house once then realised when I went down stairs that it was distance fireworks going off randomly. Sounded completely different on the camera - very sensitive.

I have this ticking sound on one outdoor camera, but not the other. I would have described it as the clickety-click of a train going over tracks. It happens all the time, even when the yard is very quiet.

This is the only camera where I have sound enabled all the time. For comparison, I enabled sound on the other outdoor camera and the indoor camera. Neither one had this sound in live view.

Some on these forums have attributed this to electronics interference, but it’s not like the feedback sound when you put two microphones too close together. Someone else said it’s related to the microbolometer used. I had to look that up. It’s related to the infrared sensor, as I understand it, but this is happening during the day, and there’s very little activity. I can’t imagine how that could create this constant clicking sound.

If you have two outdoor cameras, swap them, and see if the sound issue remains with the location or with the camera. If the location, you have your answer. If the camera, you also have your answer, and can log a support ticket explaining what you have done, with a link to a video demonstrating the issue.