Is there a way for Blink to detect that the camera is rotated? My issue is the camera angle is kind of hard to find a place to mount where it would cover the door and part of my yard. The widescreen makes it so if I mount above my door, I have to point all the way down and only covers the door.

Rotating the camera 90 degrees helps this but the app shows everything sideways. When you view clips it’s wants to rotate the wrong way when you rotate the phone. Sure I could turn off auto-rotate on my phone but it’s a hassle. Is there a way to tell the app that the camera is rotated so it shows the proper way?

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@Matt_J: At the present time there is no auto (or manual) rotate function. This is a great idea that has been requested many times. Hopefully it will be implemented at some point in time - I could make use of this feature myself!


What ever came of this idea? Was it rejected as an enhancement? I have the same need. This is my front door and if the orientation could be rotated to portrait then not only would I capture the front doorstep but also much of the sidewalk if not all of it to the street.

Since it’s been 2.5 years since the original post, I’d say nothing has become of it. It’s too bad because I have a few spots where this feature would really be helpful.

It would be super easy if they just added a way to mount the blink mini 90 deg. Just put a snap fitting on the other side of the camera.