Auto deletion in one second, not 3 days

I have been using blink for months and don’t have a problem with clips deleting when you set it to 3 or 7 days until I just came across a problem recently that the autoclips get deleted a second later it’s recorded. I tried, reinstalling the app, delete the camera and add it again, reset the phone and a quick on/off of the wifi and it still didn’t work. Also I tried to find an option on the app where you can buy more cloud storage but I cannot find it. I even created a new account and it still happens. The thing is, I have been using blink for free for more than a season, and I see the auto clips stays to according schedule until just recently they get auto deleted in a second. I decided to delete all of them all and they still auto delete within a second. What’s going on? I like to add, I know how to use the filter settings and it still didn’t work.

You may be mistakenly talking about live view recordings, that unless you have the setting to save all live views and if you do not select the save option, whilst performing a live view, it does indeed exist for only a second or so. If you select save, whilst watching live, it will remain. Better, change that setting to save all live views, if that’s what you’d like.

If it isn’t this, and you are referring to an actual motion detect event, I’m not sure how you could even know it was deleted in one second. If you are, and it is, then you should contact support.

Yeah, I saved them but didn’t automatically delete itself within a second. It’s the motion clips that delete itself within a second. I see it appear after motion, I would tap the tab then it deleted itself.
Update: Found it. Anyone struggle with this, go to your group camera settings and it would say “save all live views” with a slider.