Attempted burglar stopped when he saw the camera

A man wearing a mask and gloves attempted to enter our family home (Oklahoma City) while we slept early this morning (5 am). I’m damn glad he moved on after seeing the Blink camera’s LED come on. Be vigilant out there people!



Another Blink success!

Look at this thread and write what you think is important:

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When did you realize this happened?
I mean…did a notification wake you or did you review the next day?

I got the notification on my phone but slept right through it. Only realized it after I woke up about 40 minutes later.

Wish I had a chime/alarm that would have gone off. I’ll look into options for that.

I will use my perimeter driveway alarm until Blink creates an ‘instant’ alert notification. Not sure they will but hope so.

Wow @BlinkyAndTheBrain, thanks for sharing! I’m so glad your Blink camera was able to catch and deter this burglar!

Also, I love your username; great reference! :grin:

WOW, that’s scary… these idiots will eventually enter the wrong home…
Go get a dog, the best alarm system out there :slight_smile:

I :heart_eyes: dogs. They all have different personalities, but in some cases, even a dog that is generally friendly towards people will alert and/or protect you to their best capacity in this type of situation. My dog is 20lbs. (Min Pin) but if my facial expression says I don’t know or care for the person or I’m not around he is borderline viscious.

I would suggest using some contact sensors on your entry doors and a siren, so you can be alerted as soon as the door was opened. Using SmartThings(my current system) is not the best option for home security but it’s better than nothing and an extra layer of security. I’m glad Blink dettered the criminal, and you’re safe.