Ask the Founders!

Do you have a question about how our company was started, or where we are going in the future? Take this opportunity to ask a question directly to the founders of Blink! Starting today, and over the next day or so, our founders will be monitoring this post periodically to answer whatever questions you may have. Keep in mind, depending on the number of posts we receive, not all post will receive a response. :thinking:

How did you decide to enter the security market?

What do you see as the future of Blink Seecurity, do you plan to seek investors like Ring did ?(they became a lot more successful after that).

Thank you!

I would like to ask about 2 features and what are the plans to expand the offer on house security, or if there are other paths to follow?

Regarding the features I mention, they are;
Web interface
Mail with clip motion attached

I would like also to know how are development of the alarm siren? And if it will available to sell?

Thank you very much, and continue with the good work with quality.

Paulo Gomes
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi @lotrbfme

Thanks for your question.

We realized that video on your smartphone completely changes home security. But instead of making it an expensive add-on to traditional security systems, we decided to lead with affordable, easy to use cameras with really long battery life. We’re working on a bunch of cool stuff, both hardware and software, to further extend the capabilities of your Blink system. Stay tuned.

I can’t really comment on our investment strategy, but if you know anybody with really deep pockets …



Hi Paolo (@pgomes2000),

Thanks for asking.

You aren’t the first to ask about a web interface. Just curious, what Blink features are most important to you to include in a web interface? Are there features that we could exclude? Are there additional features that would work well in a web interface that would but not in a mobile interface? And is the “mail with clip attached” because notifications are difficult in a web environment, or are there reasons why you want it even in a mobile only environment?

I can’t comment directly on our development schedules but stay tuned on the siren.


Hi @Steve_at_Blink,

Thank you for your answer.

The web interface features more important it’s basically to view camerashots/clips and motion clips. It is a way more “easy” to view them.

Relative to the email with the motion clip attached, the most important to me, it is usefull because i don’t have to connect my android to celular data all the day. Most of the time i have it offline, and my email e always open and i can have the notification on it with the motion clip captured on that moment.

Hope it clarify better my needs :slight_smile:

PS: You didn’t answer about the plans and path for the Company future in home security, or other projects … but i’m happy to know that “We’re working on a bunch of cool stuff, both hardware and software, to further extend the capabilities of your Blink system. Stay tuned.”

Thanks Steve.

Would be nice to start with just viewing, something basic to get things started. Just to view and download clips, no changing of settings, no deleting of clips, just a simple view and/or select and download. Saw something talked about last year about Browser viewer, would have to dig to find what was stated back then.

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Hi @Steve_at_Blink what made you decide to develop your own camera as opposed to licensing out the ultra low power chip architecture to other manufacturers. The amount of battery life you can squeeze out of two AA lithium batteries is amazing, mainstream manufacturers don’t even come close in that regard

Guess I’ll just ask a basic question. How many Blink users are there so far?

Hi @A_Person,

That’s a great question. We in fact started out as a chip company chasing manufacturers of low power consumer video products. But along the way the math suggested that bringing our technology to market in the form of a home security camera made more sense. And we’re having a lot more fun as well. A win-win all around.


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Hi @RightHand,

A fair question, but something I can’t disclose publicly. What I can tell you is that on Amazon, our new 3-camera XT system is the #1 new release in surveillance and security products, and on QVC this past Sunday they dedicated 6 hours of airtime to our 2-camera indoor system. So lots of new users every day!!




It would seem Blink already has a Web Browser Viewer in the works and close to being done. Will Blink owners have access to it?


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Hi @Steve_at_Blink are you planning to expand your retail presence any time soon. It would be great to be able to go to my local Fry’s / Best Buy and pick up extra cameras and accessories.

Hi @A_Person

We are not in retail stores yet, but are in active discussions with a variety of retailers.


Regarding the lucite motorized item found in the office. I think I need to contact the person that mad that. I’m working on a project which could perhaps utilize it, if it does what I think it can do. Can it hold one of your cameras? It appears that it might be intended for that. Tilt up and tilt down and turn on it’s axis? Get me some control of that over the internet and you have what I want. Please have the designer reach out to me.

Hi @Steve_at_Blink
It’s been a while since your last post and lots have happened for the company. - Amazon and door bell.

We have heard from @nick_at_blink that the goals and direction for Blink have not changed, but could you tell us what direction the company is working towards?

I know the doorbell is on top priority for release and working with Amazon has probably absorbed a huge amount of man hours to set up.

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