Arming groups of cameras

Hey Folks,
I could really use the ability to group cameras for arming. I would like to keep my outside cameras armed all the time and only arm my inside cameras either manually or using IFTTT (upon wifi disconnect). Please add a feature that let’s us group cameras without having to buy an additional hub. The additional hub has additional cost and it will require deleting the camera from one hub and matching it to the new one and that is extra work. It would be so nice just to be able to group the cameras (like Amazon Echo Alexa does with devices).


I completely agree! In the meantime, you can use the “running person icon” to disarm your indoor cameras and touch the icon again to arm the indoor camera(s). The bad thing is that you have to do each camera manually. If you have one or two, it’s not a big deal, but if you have a lot, it’ll get old real fast.

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Oh I have been pressing the running man button but it is getting old.


New to this but if anybody from Blink can put this in as enhancement request that would be great. Right now I have 5 cameras, 2 outside. I schedule them to arm at night but I only want the outside ones armed. If I could group them I could set a schedule for just the outside ones. My dog gets up in the middle of the night pretty often so I have to let him out and I get several alerts from the inside cameras when the schedule puts them on. I have turned motion on the inside ones off but then when I’m away from the house and manually arm them I have to arm them again, then when I’m home I have to disarm again. I love the Blink cameras, I think they’re perfect for minor home security which I would imagine is fine for most people, this is a constant annoyance though not being able to group them and as such just schedule a group to arm when I want.

If it’s as annoying as you say, I don’t doubt it, you can always get another sync unit. Many people choose the option to have one sync unit for inside, and one for outside. That way you can run them on separate schedules. Many people have spare sync modules as a result of buying extra systems, as opposed to extra cameras, because there are often deals where a single camera system, including sync module, is cheaper that than of an extra camera alone. Often these spares end up on ebay, or similar, and can be had for a low price, whilst still being new in box.

I had thought about getting another sync module, besides that I don’t want to pay $50, it also means I have 2 systems in the app to manage, 2 systems to manually arm. In my mind if I could create a group and schedule based on group I’d be done! A second sync module seems to solve 50% of my problem if you get me. It seems like a simple feature to add (to me anyway) because I arm them then go in and disarm individual cameras. To program that seems not hard, obviously depending on resources and more important issues Blink has to deal with. But I notice somebody brought this up 2 years ago so thought I’d tag onto that.

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Yes, I agree, as I said, I don’t doubt it’s annoying, and virtual groups is definitely a great idea, but I didn’t want you to be unaware of a possible solution, available now, with a cheap second hand sync module.

100% agree and this needs to be something that gets added to the next release. Having several cameras both inside and outside there are areas that I want covered with motion 24x7, others on a schedule and others only when we are away. If we could just create groups of 2-3 cameras and just schedule dependant on the group I think it would add value to the Blink system for sure. It 2020 manually having to go a click on the motion icon each time seems a bit ridiculous.


New Blink user here… Wow, it’s been +3yrs since post 1yr since the last reply and this feature, which IMHO should have been thought of and implemented in the FIRST version of the app, still hasn’t been released? I spent 30 mins thinking I was either an idiot or the app was confusing because I couldn’t figure out how to this. BLINK - Can you please do your customers a favor and add this feature, so you don’t need to purchase a second sync module in order to have the option to do this? (At current time cannot even purchase the latest sync module separately, P.S.).

Besides a few minor gripes I’ve been pleased with the cameras so far, but the fact that this isn’t an option is definitely taking a star away from my review on Amazon. I dont know if it’s a ploy to get an extra few bucks out of users or if there’s a genuine good reason why this isn’t currently a feature, but this seems like a no-brainer in terms of a natural functionality to be included in the app/system.