Arm specific cameras

I would like to see an option to arm only certain cameras, for instance, only the external XT one’s when I am home or when we are sleeping, etc.


Hi slh7d,

When your system is armed, you will notice a green running man icon above each camera. That indicates that the camera is enabled for motion recording. If you tap it, it will turn gray, which indicates that it is disabled for motion recording. This allows you to arm part of your house, and disarm the other. More information can be found in the link below. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Hope this helps!


I believe OP as well as I were hoping for different modes within the app. For instance Armed (Home), so cameras outside can be enabled and indoor cameras disabled without having to individually press the running man icon for each camera every time you want to change them.


Right. The ability to select which cameras to arm or use pre-set ‘profiles’ when setting a schedule rather than arming the whole system and selecting cameras to be always off or on when the system is armed. I would also love to see this. I’m not sure if it is on the current roadmap, but I will ask around and find out and post back. :+1:


A scene management tool in the app would help here.
Scene 1 (Home):
Outdoor cameras armed
Indoor cameras disarmed
Scene 2 (Away):
All cameras armed

It would be even more useful for an advanced scene editor to allow changing camera sensitivity, lighting options, or recording times during a particular scene.

Plugging this into the scheduler could be complicated, but limiting the scheduler to only enabling a scene would make it the least confusing. Adding a default ‘Disarmed’ scene where all cameras are disarmed would allow for the same functionality as today when choosing to disarm at a specific time.


This is definitely in the future plan, but there is no timeline for implementation yet, as the discussion across the company is currently centered on how to best implement it. :+1:


While not ideal - you can make this happen today by using a 2nd sync module. The schedule affects all cameras on a single sync module, but if you have two sync modules - you have two different schedules.



I 3rd Ops request. I have 2 sync modules so I’ve kind of got a work around though still limited but having the flexibility to arm individual cameras based on schedule or ifttt recipe would be huge.

This is an important capability, but it needs to be better than just in-app control. I’ve stated elsewhere that this should be available to SmartThings apps; but I understand that may have limited application so I strongly suggest an IFTTT integration. My needs would be satisfied (at last 99%) by an IFTTT individual camera on/off capability.


The idea of adding this as an IFTTT recipe has been in our conversation about how to integrate this feature. As IFTTT is not yet available in other countries, we are toying with the idea of making this an in app feature so it will be available for all of our customers. IFTTT may be a temporary fix for our customers in the states, but we are working on something bigger and better to make this feature come to life!


Thank you @Tori_At_Blink . I appreciate the response and your customer-attentiveness.

Would the approach you describe make the individual camera control available to a SmartThings app? The beauty of IFTTT is that it applies generally to the entire universe of IFTTT users, but most importantly to me, I can send IFTTT commands from my SmartThings apps.

Hey Cal7,

It’s hard to say since this isn’t something that is being worked on yet. Currently we don’t support or work on any integration with SmartThings so while I don’t know what it could end up being in the future I would guess SmartThings won’t be involved.

Would you consider arming specific cameras more important then geofencing? We would appreciate any feedback on the matter.


Thanks for the response. Happily to oblige with my opinion.

I understand the difficulty of working with any other platform and SmartThings is just one of many contending for this emerging market; so, although SmartThings is my chosen HA platform controller, a more neutral partner makes sense. In that regard, IFTTT seems like a good choice at this juncture.

Using IFTTT to activate/deactivate the sync module (essentially the entire Blink system for most people) is of little-to-no value to me. If you did nothing more than extend that to individual cameras, that would be of tremendous value.

I can’t quite envision what Blink would do with geofencing so I can’t comment intelligently. But geofencing has been really challenging so I could see that being a rat-hole for Blink. With a lot of effort, I now have a good geofencing solution with SmartThings that I don’t want to have to re-create with any platform. Most people seem happy enough with IFTTT geofencing so I would commend that integration to Blink. To answer your question directly, yes, camera control is way higher than geofencing in my priority list.


This would be great to be able to engage “armed” by camera! Thanks.

This is exactly what I did. Have a separate sync module for inside cams and outside cams. Can keep the outside ones always on while the inside ones I schedule based off my GPS using IFTTT.

+1 I have 10 Blink Camera and would like to schedule Arm/Disarm independantly. Adding camera id in IFTTT could be a good option too !


I’m kind of shocked there has been this much conversation about this. This seems like a “DUH” moment for Blink, it’s a feature that should have been part of the initial release. I refuse to play their game and buy a second sync module, if I spend anymore on my camera system it’s for a new system.

Basically every other player in this field has the ability to schedule individual devices in the ecosystem EXCEPT Blink…
And the fact that an actual Blink employee said “we are toying with the idea” just shows their lack of understanding for how a security system needs to function and makes me cautious to invest anymore into this ecosystem. Custom scheduling is like Security System 101, there is nothing to toy around with.

I have a hard time believing they’d be shady enough to exclude this feature to sell more modules, but I could be wrong. The true test to that theory is whether or not they make people buy a “2.0 module” to use the scheduling feature.


+1, 100%

Just to add to this thread, since there’s been little update since early November. I appreciate back at mid-year, Blink said it was on the roadmap but couldn’t (then) commit to a timeframe - however, 6 months on are we any further with this. It does seem a really obvious requirement for lots of people to have outdoor cameras armed, whilst indoor disarmed.

Any update from Blink staffers?


Wondering the same as @HappyChap. Is there any update from Blink.

On pen and paper, the H/W features look cool – much better than my Arlo Pro. And that motivated me to get one. But without S/W features, this product is as good as many cheap cameras out there.