Arm outdoor cameras only

I would like to suggest a way to arm only the exterior blink cameras. At night I don’t want to have to arm the entire system because I am walking around the interior of my house but still want to receive alerts from motion outside and possibly record anyone attempting to tamper with my cars etc. You should have an option in the camera settings to be able to click a button on the exterior camera settings to let the system know it is an “exterior” camera. Then at the bottom of the main screen under the button you click to arm the system have another button to arm “exterior only”. This would be super helpful for users instead of having to change settings on cameras to not enable motion on the interiors and keep changing it back and forth everyday. Hopefully you use this idea so people can arm “exterior only” at the simple click of one button.


Hi @Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion, we have had many customers request a more detailed scheduling and arming system. While we don’t have a release schedule yet for this specific update, I am hoping to put something together soon to keep our customer up to date!
Currently, while note ideal, a temporary solution is to use a second sync-module for a certain set of cameras, allowing you to have two different schedules.

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There is an “un-official” integration into the Samsung SmartThings environment with the Blink cameras. With it, the functionality of the Blink camera system is 20X more robust. However, there is a buy-in cost.

Blinks with SmartThings are all the way awesome!

There is also integration to the home automation platform called Home Assistant. It is a little technical but can be done.

Home & Away type settings like on a security system would be awesome, looking forward to any possible updates on this


I realize that I’m a bit “late to the party” on your particular post, but you may find this useful.

Were you aware that instead of having to click on the gear icon, then select to disable motion activation, and then return to ‘home screen’ on each camera that you can simply do this instead. With the entire system armed, you can simply tap on the ‘running man’ icon beside the gear icon to toggle settings for that individual camera back and forth between motion activation being enabled & disabled (green running man = enabled; grey running man = disabled). Although you still have to tap icon for each camera, it’s a shortcut over having to go into settings for each camera. I keep my system armed the majority of the time and just toggle individual cameras on/off as needed.

Hope this helps.


it’s now 2018 any idea when scheduling is going to be implemented per camera. I’d love to be able to setup zones that I can arm as well.



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As my first post (Just set up my cameras last night) I agree this is needed. I would have my XT’s on now if I could do it without the indoor cameras constantly recording me watching tv or putting the dog out.

You can always disarm certain cameras while keeping the system armed by pressing the blue running man to the right of the cameras name.

That is a current work around. Right now I am using IFTTT and Life360 to arm my cameras based on occupancy of my house and IFTTT and Smartthings to arm the cameras at night and disarm in the morning. It would be nice to automate my front porch camera to be on at dusk.
On the other hand as soon as the Blink doorbell is released I will be installing that and moving my front porch camera to the back of the house. I’m betting the doorbell will be always on and have better control of motion detection zones.

Blink, any updates???

Any update from Blink ? I guess not…

I tried the blue man arm / disarm and this worked ok but not really practical.
People want their Outdoor cameras On all the time whilst obviously indoor cams aren’t required when home. That said it would be nice to arm some indoor cameras at nights whilst leaving others off when sleeping.

All this can be achieved using the blue man but needs to work with IFTTT / Alexa in order to be practical. I.e a single alexa command should be able to arm some of the cameras whilst disarming others. With the XT range this Is a must.

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Unfortunately after several years.this is still not possible.Was tempted to buy some more blink cameras but I may just have to go with a wired solution like Nest.That way dont have to turn them on and off all the time to save batteries while I’m home.

For real, I just got these to replace my older cameras and DVR with hard drive etc.
But crap ! I have a constant power supply so that’s not an issue and there is one camera I need to keep on from 7am to 7pm. The modern Blink app has less adjustability than the old windows NT based app controlling my old cameras.
At this point, I am considering using the paid ipCamera app to control them and hacking in to save the videos to You Tube… I don’t know… grrrr seems modern security apps would go forward and not backwards.
Power isn’t the issue and if storage is, just give the option for auto upload to you tube and problem is solved.
The uploading to you tube of clips is one of the main reasons I am considering the IpCamera app.