Arm/Disarm Notification Will Not Turn Off

I had previously set this alert to off, but I started receiving these alerts again earlier last week without making any changes to the setting. I turned the setting back on and off again without any results. I reset my iPhone 11, turned the setting back on and off again, but I still receive the alerts. My iPhone 11 is running the most current version of IOS 13.6.1, and I have the most current version of the Blink App 6.0.15, build 8608. I have also turned the setting off in my other devices running the Blink App. I have three sync modules, two are scheduled and one is not. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this problem.

It’s been reported in another thread. ceedee posted same. It has not affected my Android device, but his was iOS also. He strongly recommended logging a support ticket, so they will realise it is not just a one off. Others in that thread have reported the same behaviour. Relatively recent, so should be easy to find.

After several emails, here is what I received from Blink:

Hi Al,

We recently received an update that turning off the arming/disarming notification setting on the iOS app is not working with the most recent (iOS) app version 6.0.14. This issue has been reported to the app team. Currently there are no workaround other than turning off the scheduling program until issue is resolve.

Best regards,

Joseph L.
Blink Technical Support Team
(781) 332-5465 or +441158384189
My Office Hours: 9AM to 6PM EST, Mon-Fri

My temporary solution is to use the “Do Not Disturb” function on the iPhone. I arm the cameras before we go to bed, and disarm them before we get up. To block the disarm notifications, I use “Do Not Disturb”. I want to receive other notifications throughout the night.

As you can see, they didn’t think about this at all. 100% lame answer from them.

I’m also using DND for now. Clearly, turning off scheduling is a non-starter.

Also having this issue - though it isn’t just alerting me when arm/disarm actually happens - it’s alerting me all throughout the day, at times when arm/disarm is not evening happing.

IE if my scheduled arm is 11pm and disarm is 6am - I’m getting those, but also getting alerts at 9:12am, and 1:35pm (random times throughout the day).

Are these arm/disarm alerts?

Same issue here. I think that with latest update the developers preferred to make full compatible the app with the new camera. Maybe doing that they forgot to test the compatibility with the old camera. Very frustrating situation!

Like all other iOS users, I am also struggling with this issue. It requires me to disable ALL notifications, which makes this camera kind of useless right now. The frustrating part is they have known about this for a long time, and have released THREE patches, and none of the patches have addressed this giant issue. As customers, I encourage everyone to open tickets, write reviews, and spread the word about how Blink is MIS handling this. Unfortunately I think this is a sign that they are more concerned with gaining new customers, than supporting existing ones. I would caution new users to wait a while before choosing Blink, until they get back into the mode of supporting existing customers.

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