Arm/Disarm all Systems

@nick_at_blink, I need a master arm/disarm feature for ALL systems.

I know each sync module has its own scheduling and arm/disarm functions, but I would like the ability to arm/disarm ALL of my systems. Right now, I have 2 sync modules, but I will soon have 3 and likely more. Anytime I leave the house out of the normal schedule times, it would be nice to be able to arm all the cameras with one button instead of having to switch between all of the systems (sync modules) and arm each one individually… and the same for disarming when I return.

Note: multiple sync modules are needed for the distances from the cameras (far edges of my property) as well as different schedules per sync modules. Plus, with some of the higher traffic areas, the additional 7200 seconds of cloud storage per module is nice. :slight_smile:


I agree this would be a nice feature addition!

I’d like to see this feature too!

Hi @livingtx,

I think that is a fantastic idea! I can totally see how useful that could be for people with multiple systems. One question that I have about this though, is where would you like to see this “master arm/disarm button” within the app? My initial reaction would be to put it in the dropdown where you toggle between systems, but let me know if you or anyone else has other thoughts about this! @ronsec, @A_Person

I had initially thought under the “menu” on the upper left, but I think under the system drop down would be ok too. I’d be happy with the functionality, no matter where it’s located. :slight_smile: Even another Arm/Disarm slider at the bottom of each system that says “All systems” can be manageable. I’m not picky. Maybe others have preferences.

In the dropdown works for me.

Drop-down is logical choice to me since that is where all other system management is located

IFTTT integration for arming/disarming multiple systems would also be welcome as I currently need to have a separate Applet for each system.


I’d like to suggest that a more usable approach would be to have an “all systems” option on the drop down, then just use the existing arm/diss arm button.


Somewhere left from the arm/disarm switch. But I will use IFTTT to arm and disam from the widget screen so this function needs to be available for IFTTT.
Thx upfront

agreed this function is definitely necessary - we keep forgetting to cameras on the second module!

Recently setup my Blink system. Really like it so far. Got three different sync modules as my cameras are pretty spread out and I was concerned by some reviews I’d read.

Anyway, am surprised there doesn’t seem to be a way to arm and disarm everything at once. Am I missing something? If not, would love this feature.


I only see that for each module. I have three. One for the front of the house. One for the back. And one for inside. Couple cameras each.

You’re not missing anything. You must disarm each module individually. I doubt we’ll ever see a “global” disarm.

Ahhh, disarm ALL sync modules/systems. Got it.

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