Arm and disarm cameras multiple times per day?

Hi to save battery life is it possible to arm and disarms my XT cameras at different times.?

So when the kids leave for school then to come back on and the same for when they come home

Or is there only a one chance arm and disarm time

Is that possible? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums! If you’re asking if you can arm/disarm individual cams the answer is no. If you’re asking if you can use the scheduling function to arm/disarm all the cams on a sync module multiple times per day the answer is you certainly can. Enjoy!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You mean that if I own 5 Mini’s, and none of them are associated with a sync module, I can’t have an individual arm/disarm schedule for each Mini camera?

I can’t go into the settings gear, select the system name, and set a schedule for each camera?

Sure you can but the OP specified XT cams.

Shouldn’t the answer also include a possible Blink solution versus just a Yes/No?

I have XT’s and know the XT answer is No. But I also know that depending on whether a cloud recording is desired, or just a notification with a option of Live View, there are other options.

I don’t work for Blink.

What does that have to do with solving issues.

Here is one possible solution. If the OP reads the Blink FAQ’s they might read if XT cameras work with the new Sync 2 module. And if the XT camera is connected to the sync 2 module it might retain the grandfathered cloud storage.

So supposedly if the OP bought a Sync 2 module and moved the desired camera(s) to it they might be able to establish a desire Sync 2 schedule.

Of course the OP would have to read the Blink information to see if this is true and maybe wait for a sale on Sync 2’s.

It has a lot to do with it. As a non employee I get to answer/help my way. Don’t like the way I do it (not you in particular) - don’t read my posts. Simple. We all have a different style of helping out on the forum. suttyblink tends to write long, very thorough answers which are very informative and helpful. Joel tends to point people to where they might look up the answer (teach a man to fish etc.) - just as valid a response. I tend to just answer the question and move on. In this thread the OP asked if he could schedule individual XT cams. I answered, he is happy so what more is there to discuss with him?

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