Are deleted clips, ever actually deleted?

I was recently in contact with support and they wanted a clip of the issue I’d experienced. I have a habit of deleting clips before I download the clips I want to keep. So I asked, how far can you go back on deleted clips? The response was we can go back to the day you started your account. Really!? I can’t be the only person who has an indoor camera and been recorded unwantedly in their underwear or less, just saying :smirk:. So is it true what the rep said? That means clips are never deleted! When will local USB recording be available? And will it be a free feature or a fee based plan option?
My question:“How far back can you all go for deleted clips?”
Rep answer:“We can view the logs, from the day you created your account.”

And who are the people able to view deleted videos? Is it just some customer support person? Are they Blink employed? How many people have access to deleted videos?
How long can the clips be stored? That’s alot of clips on a server somewhere.

I hope the rep misunderstood or just don’t know wat dey talkinbout.


Hey @RightHand,

I don’t know the answers to these questions off the top of my head, but I’ve reached out to our support team for more info. @Bob_at_Blink, @Adam_at_Blink

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Let’s start with who has access to the clips and thumbnails? No one, they are stored and managed up in the cloud by using unique keys and encryption. My support team can’t see them unless you download and send to us. We can restore them via a restoration flag but cant see the actual clips. If you delete or we delete through your deletion settings generally we can only go back 2 weeks to restore, after that they are purged off our cloud.

How long are they stored is all part of how you have configured your storage/deletion settings.

As to deletion, it happens at the account level and is done by oldest clip first.

In theory a clips on a exceptionaly low usage system could stick around indefinetly. Same is true If you are managing your clips and never hit the storage limits where we need to auto delete.

As to the logs question, certainly we can go back til the time of system creation for certain things like onboarding adding devices, historical views on storage usage, etc. Not clips, we don’t consider those “logs”

Strict Amazon policy on product roadmap, therefore we can’t answer questions on local storage or subscription plans.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the clarification

How can I recover my deleted videos I need

I need to get my videos that were deleted due to not knowing that I had a time limit to keep them stored before automatically deleting and I need them recovered

Start by opening a ticket with support. If that doesn’t work, then try pinging blink staff here.

Hi Jason,

I responded to your DM.

As to this this general subject, for security purposes we hard delete all content that is flagged for deletion regardless if deleted by the user or auto purged by us due to exceeding your account storage limits.

Below I’ve included a link to how storage and auto purge works.

My Clips were Deleted


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Ring has been in the news very recently about their staff’s ability to view any clips they like. I am glad to hear your assurance that this is not possible with Blink. However, these days, we all need to assume that we’re on camera nearly everywhere, and the recordings last forever, or at least until we run for Congress.