Apple TV App coming?

Hello, I am just wondering if any though has been given to designing an Apple TV app, or even porting the IOS app to Apple TV?

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Hi @Livewirecs,

Unfortunately, I do not have any information on the possibility of there being an Apple TV app. However, this certainly does not rule it out as a possibility in the future!

Figured its been a year since this reply, any chance of an Apple TV app yet? Would be great to have a real functioning security app.

apparently not. :smirk:

Still hoping!

This would be great, please!

its the time of year again, any hope this is coming to us in the future? @nick_at_blink

Well I’ll jump in and co-sign this again. Year after year I hope and wait. Seems I’m not the only one. See you next year lol.

Cmon Blink. We need an Apple TV app as an accessibility enhancement. My eyes are not as good as they used to be. A decent Apple TV app would be a great way to show that you’re working with Apple users.

Is there any sort of update on this? Even a “we haven’t worked on it or it’s not coming” would be nice.

I really believe this would be a great feature for us existing “blinkers” and strong sales tool for potentials.

It’s queued up right after the doorbell cam.


How bout we don’t even answer the phones anymore due to a constant Ring in our ears.

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I think it would be a much better idea to have an actual PC or MAC app for desktop first and foremost before working on an Apple TV app. I mean I am stuck using Bluestacks on PC right now.

Get a dirt cheap used android wifi only tablet and you just fixed your wish list. Now you have the big screen you want vs. phone and that tablet is mobile. Your desktop pc is not mobile. Want a bigger screen? Learn about screen mirroring. Now you can watch the video clips on your networked smart television or your desktop pc.

To say I gotta have it on my desktop pc - you can have it on your desktop pc. Use the workarounds and quit whining.

I’m not whining. I simply said it’s absolutely stupid to develop a specific Apple TV app before a PC app. I’m quite tech savvy so don’t speak to me like I’m an idiot. I’ve been around the block. I’ve worked as a Tier 2 Senior advisor for Apple. NOC for a large cable company. I get it. I was simply stating an Apple TV app is likely the last thing we need when there are far more important updates and development required first.

Was my comment a reply to your comment? No! It was simply next in line after you. You would think a person of your credentials and experience could tell the difference. Slow down and don’t take things personally. The quit whining comment is for the many not directed at you.

The view video clips on a browser is the #1 requested feature within this community. It’s been over 3 years now and Blink continues to not deliver on this feature.

Regarding Apple, hell Blink can’t even deliver on notification tone choices like they have on Android.

I am aware of screen mirroring. I’m not interested n that as much as having Blink integrated into an Apple TV app or for use with HomeKit so we wouldn’t have to be invest in Ring to get those same features.

If we are being honest about it, it’s silly that Blink doesn’t have ALL of these features from desktop to streaming apps (beyond FireTV)

I don’t really care who the “whining” comment was for because I think checking in once or twice a year to see if we can get an update on a feature we would like to have is hardly whining.

Here’s to hoping we all get the features we need.

Ask yourself why Ring and other competing brands have the features you want. Then ask yourself why Blink continues to not have them.
Amazon holds the purse strings is the answer. Marketing 101 = do not kill the cash cow. Ring is the cash cow. Blink is a donor organ. It’s really as simple as that.

Blockquote Your desktop pc is not mobile

I am the only one I can see that mentioned a Desktop PC app… So that being said it sure looked like it was meant to be directed at me.

But I do agree, blink can’t seem to delivery anything that is requested by it’s paying customers. I am not even sure why they bother with Betas, there are more than enough people buying the product and telling them what is wrong and what needs to change here.