This morning app crash without reason. I called customer service, they said they aware of this issue. The system I have with 8 cameras used for over 3 years is now completely useless. Blink feels totally unsecured and unreliable.


I share your feelings. I have three systems in three different geographic locations and I can’t even remotely disable them. I do not know if it is worse that the cameras are still active and drain the batteries or not having footage.


Glad you posted. Same here. Spent hours troubleshooting my systems. All my Android devices open for 2 seconds and close. Iphone App does work.


same here, worked yesterday. uninstalled / reinstalled after clearing cache, same result, app is not working!!

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Has anyone gotten an acceptable response from Blink about how and when this will be resolved?

If they are aware of the issue, as a security camera company, communication with the customer should be a top priority.

I haven’t seen any communication from them, although I have received several advertising emails from them pushing their new cameras in the same time period as their system is broken.

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On the call they told me they will notify me when it will be resolved. How and when they did not specified. I agree with you in terms of why they didn’t communicate with customers ahead of the changes they make. It just disappointing.

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Same here, my wife’s and my Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL app crashes on opening on both phones! I just called also, and it does not work on any Android phones, only iPhones/iPads. They are trying to fix is ASAP, but there is no way to arm your cameras unless you use Apple. They said hopefully it will be fixed today.

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Same here, app is crashing all morning.Hope they fix it today.

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Got an email from support saying it is a server issues. I am using a Pixel 3XL as well. Wonder if it is an Android 11 related issue. Either way I am still getting notifications for motions so I am guess the cameras are still working fine, just can’t see the footage at the moment. I am sure they will get it sorted soon. This is the first time in 4 years or so I have ever had this kind of issue so I am not too excited about it at the moment.

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Asked if they could fog a mirror. They said no we can not fog a mirror. Just they have their heads stuck up their butt

There is an update on the app store that fixes the problem.

Thank you for posting that update.