Anyone using the Blink mini for outside?

I do realize that the Mini is not weather tight like the XT models. I also realize that to insinuate “weatherproof, waterproof, outdoor” opens up a can worms from the manufacturer’s side of blink.

I have a covered screened-in porch, no heat, open on 3 sides and there are some areas that never ever get wet with either mist, rain, snow or blowing snow. My thought is to seal all the seams of the mini housing with nail polish or glue

anyone using their mini outside or perhaps covered outside such as a bird house?


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Yes of course it will work, until it no longer works. Death from too hot, too cold, too much humidity, too much moisture intrusion, corrosion, and too little wifi signal. How long will it take to die? Who knows, it all depends on each camera’s particular situation.

Don’t waste your time and money trying to get a little cheap plastic toy to do something it was never meant to do. If you’re that tight on trying to squeeze the buffalo off of a wooden nickel, quit screwing around and get yourself a wyze cam version 3. This is what the blink mini is competing with price. Wyze however is outside use rated and much better performance.

If you’re that tight on trying to squeeze the buffalo off of a wooden nickel

OMG. Have not heard that in years. My Grandma used to say that about my grandpa all the time. :slight_smile:

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On the other hand, they are cheap enough to not even bother about. Just do it, until it doesn’t work. You might get long life from it, if it is well protected in the location, and you do a good job. Not a mini, but I believe Ron, a forum member here, has used the original Blink indoor cameras outside, in similar circumstances, for a long time, before they came out with their outdoor version.

Let’s check, was it you @Ronsec who had tried that?

Yes I did! The cams worked fine outdoors. They were all under some sort of cover (eaves, covered porch, etc.). One time I even hit one with a blast of wet snow from the snowblower - worked fine afterwards! I still have those cams and they still work. I use them if I want to monitor something special outdoors for a short period of time. I’m not a big fan of the mini but it should work outdoors. MANY people were doing the same as the outdoor cams weren’t out then.

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Hi,just a small input into this question and answers on this subject.As I am on a very limited budget I also had the same idea about using the “mini blink” outside as a means of observing the different creatures in my garden from a safe distance.Last October (approximately 13 weeks ago) I set up my system and to date the system has worked exceptionally well, I would almost say that the recordings are as good and sometimes better than my Blink X2 cameras which are in the same garden.The other advantage with my “mini” is that I can also watch for longer periods without the concern of battery replacement.Obviously my “mini” is undercover to protect it from the elements and so far it has never stopped working and this with varied weather conditions. So overall I am very pleased with my setup.
However I can’t say it will or won’t work for you, that will all depend on each person’s individual locations / camera position but for a small financial outlay the risk might be worth taking.
(Please see my earlier post :- :hedgehog: had a good idea)

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I’m old AND my wallet is Jewish.


Im not cheap, I rec’d the mini as a gift, a Christmas gift. Why on earth would I get a wyze when I have 4 other cameras all blink. As far as “much better Performance” save that for the gullible and confused. Thank you

I don’t do gullible and confused. I do facts. Don’t believe me, watch this video and judge for yourself. Blink mini night vision SUCKS compared to Wyze V3.

Since the mini indoor was released, thread after thread have been posted on here complaining about night vision and motion detection errors/performance. I finally got to see one in person and of all places…Kohl’s. Yes Kohl’s department stores are now selling Blink. Why? Because Kohl’s is an Amazon purchase return hub//center.

When Blink is sold a few steps away from where they sell bras and panties, that should be your wakeup call. Sooner or later we’ll read/watch the story of Blink camera was used secretly watch dressing rooms. That youtube video will go viral quick!

Did you buy something pretty? :slight_smile:


Nothing in my size. Lol