Anyone have lagging issues?

I just installed the three cameras one at front door went back door and one inside. Just when using it for about 2 days now and it seems to me that there is quite a bit of lagging when I remotely try to live view the cameras. With another person in the house and we remotely trying to talk there soon to be a substantial five to seven minute lag. Is there anything I can do about this in the settings? Is anyone else having this kind of issue? Also when I try to view my cameras in the app, that seems to take a while to come up as well. is it just me or is everyone having that same experience? Thanks for the advice!

Yes, I am also noticing lag issues. While trying to view video captures from the module, I will select one, and get a LONG delay before the video is played. I have four modules and 18 cameras around my home.

99% of Blink issues are related to batteries and/or WiFi. Temporarily move your camera(s) closer to your router and sync module, and do some testing. You may need a WiFi extender.

I’ll give that a try, my house isn’t that far from the router and the cameras I don’t think… I shouldn’t even know extender but I will definitely try this and do some tests to see if it’s the Wi-Fi. Thanks!

Wow that’s a lot of models lol I guess I could see that being dependent on Wi-Fi distance, I know with my other Wi-Fi enabled devices if I have many of them running at the same time I noticed slow internet speeds.ugh I’m going to try testing it out moving my camera’s closer to the router to see if that helps and maybe do some speed tests since I have them all connected now.

When WiFi signal strength is poor, devices reduce the bit rate to reduce errors. So, you may be connected just fine, but the lower bit rate is impacting your camera’s performance. Also, WiFi is shared bandwidth. If you have lots of devices operating on a slow network, everything suffers.