Another reason why the original Blink mount stinks!

Installed my fourth Blink camera 3 days ago next to my deck sliding door. My original 3 blink camera’s use a 3rd party ball-mount which is very sturdy. I decided to try using the original mounting bracket for this one (against my better judgement). A squirrel climbed up my screen door and on to the camera and it fell off and hit the deck. Although this is a partially unusual situation, I have seen multiple birds land on the other camera mounts and they are fine. Luckily it isn’t broken. These mounts are awful.

While I agree that the mounts leave a lot to be desired (to say the least), how did you have the mount attached? Or, did the cam detach from the mount? Just curious.

The mount was screwed into the house and the camera came out of the mount.

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Thanks for clarifying.

I am mounting my cameras and also disappointed in the mounts. I’m impressed with the cameras though and think its a shame Blink isn’t providing better quality mounts. The screws would not tighten in one of the mounts and the camera easily pops out of another one.

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Ask Blink to replace the bad mounts. I had some loose ones; the replacements are much better. Blink admitted that they got a bad batch.

Glad to read that you got some much better ones from Blink ceedee, but I doubt you got any good ones. Mine do click in tightly, so don’t need replacing, in that they aren’t faulty, at all, but I have two cameras that are within arms reach and if anyone took a fancy to them, it would be a simple matter to pull them down. I’ve tried it, and you can easily just snatch them down.

I’m either going to buy an aftermarket product, or fashion something of my own, because the original mounts are so poor, even when not faulty. I don’t know, because I have no indoor cameras, but is it because they are the same as the indoor mounts, where this is not quite the same issue, and no one thought to come up with an exterior solution?

Agreed. They suck less, but still a poor design! I looked on Amazon, but reviews are poor for most of the designs.

It just pushes in and it not strong