Android Update 3.3 : Pinch & Zoom Now Available!

I am very excited to announce that pinch and zoom is now available on Android! In both live-view and recorded motion clips you can zoom in to get a closer look. This update will be rolled out to everyone today (Thursday 11/8)!




Works great! Also love that the control bar at the bottom is smaller and more transparent in landscape mode!


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Used it multiple times today without issues.

Works really well, and it’s slightly reassuring to see that updates are still coming out

Love this update but you giveth and you taketh away…

I can no longer use the slider to ‘scrub’ through the video. It used to be a great way to quickly find the motion in a long video.

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Hi @andydunn,

Is this occurring on all clips and multiple devices? If so, please log out and back into your app and let me know if that resolves the issue.

Yes it happens on all clips both recorded before and after the update. I’ve restarted the app, and signed out and back in. Also tried in portrait and landscape mode.

To be clear:

Before this update using the slider to ‘scrub’ through the video updated the video in real time with the scrubber. Sort of an awesome fast forward/rewind.

After the update the slider just updates the numeric video position but not the video itself. When you release the slider it jumps to the new position correctly

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Hi @andydunn,

I’ve reported this to our app developers!


Nice work guys. Gonna have to reload blink on my 8" tablet. Test zooming on bigger screen than phone to see resolution/clarity. If good the need for desktop browser use should settle down.

Same problem I’m having .
The new zoom feature is great though

Love it! Thanks. One question if I may…did an email from Blink go out to registered users about this and I just missed it? I don’t all the time remember to log onto the community online. But I noticed the other day the updated app, so I logged on to read more about it. Glad I did as I now learned about this new feature. Thanks.

I never saw an email.

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I too am unable to “scrub” through a video clip. The slider will run through the time as I move it but the video will continue to play normally until I let go of the slider and then it jumped to that point in time in the video. I too have logged out and restarted the app.


Pinch and zoom is not working on Samsung 6 with latest Android OS. Reply from Blink tech states that it works primarily on IoS. Strange.

very cool, even works on the lowest resolution.

Nick, pinch to zoom is not working on my Samsung 6. The responses I’m getting from your tech support is that it only supports IOS and probably will not support android in the future.

I would discount basically anything that the email tech support people said (just assuming it was email tech support that said that).