Android 'Do Not Disturb' blocks Blink notifications

‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on Android OS is used at night to block notifications, SMS messages and calls (except for numbers marked as favorites). This feature also blocks any Blink motion alerts.

It is possible to use ‘Select Priorities’ to allow specific Apps (“App notifications”) to override the Android ‘Do Not Disturb’ function, but Blink does not appear in this list.

Other add-on Apps I use appear in the “App notifications”, for example ‘Beoplay’. This seems to be a lack of a bell (or whistle) between Blink and Android. My device is currently running Android 8.1.0.

The only solution to receiving Blink notifications is for ‘Do Not Disturb’ being disabled permanently.

Beneath the list of apps do you see an option like “see all 5931 apps”?

Settings>General>App & notifications has a choice ‘App info’ with ‘56 apps installed’. Blink is listed here.

Settings>Sound>Do not disturb>Select priorities>App notifications shows only 13 of the ‘xx apps’.

Of the 56 apps installed, some of them are the Android defaults with additional AppStore products such as Blink, uMark Lite, Prize checker, Beoplay, etc.

When you say “Beneath the list of apps do you see an option like “see all 5931 apps”?” … My device has no such option, unless you mean one of the above under ‘Settings’

In the Blink app if you go to manage account and select notifications, then tap motion notifications there should be an option to override do not disturb.

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That is correct Gregorio. The setting has been ‘On’ since day 1, and shows ‘Let these notifications continue to interrupt when Do not disturb is set to Priority only’ (on the Android device).

When the Android device is set as “Priority only” the Blink app is not listed in the Priority apps. Therein lies the problem: Blink is not fully communicating its presence to Android OS.

This is major problem right now. Blink not listed under apps that can become a priority.