Amazon's system sucks

I’ve posted before about the absolutely moronic idea of placing the select all button within a fingerbreath of the delete button in the time of touchscreen phones. DUH. I guess the “big brains” under bezos are really bozos too. I will be trashing this system and installing a competitor’s far superior product ASAFP. School is out.
BUHBYE now :wave:t3:

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Which system are you switching to?

Select all to delete all videos includes a SEPERATE popup confurmation that asks…are you sure - yes/no. That’s as fool proof as Blink can make it as Amazon wont pour money into free software. Speaking of pour…

P.S. Jeff Bezos stepped down a few months ago and is no longer the big cheese CEO at Amazon.

You’re leaving?
Grab a gluten free cookie on the way out

LOL! What makes you think I’m leaving?

Wrong button.

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