Amazon Echo Video Integration

I think I’m going to hold off now on the video doorbell from blink until I have a clearer picture of blinks future path and direction. I have pretty much all the cameras that I need and they all work great for now so I’m going to wait and see which direction blink is going. Before I spend anymore money towards any new product.


Just wanted to provide some feedback to the devs. I saw on amazon that Blink had Alexa integration. I just purchased a few shows and was really excited to use the video view. Had 10 Blink XTs in my cart and ready to buy, but then found this thread. So disappointing. Looks like I’m going to have to go with Nest.

Hi @Nixnac,

I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with integration. Although I cannot confirm any specifics, deeper Alexa integration will certainly be something that we look into in the future! If you are unable to wait, I completely understand. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi I have a basic blink system (2 cameras) that I’m looking to expand, but not until Echo Show integration is working, which is surprising since Blink is owned by Amazon, and I would think this would be a high priority for them. There could be higher priorities though and I’m curious would any of the blink team on this thread be open to giving us an idea of what’s higher up on the list than this? I was thinking the blink doorbell would be - but now with Amazon acquiring Ring as well, that could be lower priority and free up resources?

Hi @alz,

Our priorities are remaining the same, including developing and releasing the doorbell. That is one of our biggest focuses and I will hopefully have more info soon!

So, with Amazon owning both Blink and Ring, why does Blink need to create yet another doorbell? If both devices have the ability to stream video through Echo Show, then Amazon has a solid solution for the door with Ring and small cameras from Blink that can all work together from a single app. Alexa, what is going on here?

Well, they created it before amazon acquired them.

It hasn’t been released yet, but hopefully they are very close to doing so.


@nick_at_blink I’ve recently bought a set of outdoor cameras (literally waiting for them to arrive now!). I’ve been aware that this integration is coming but one of the things that convinced me to take the plunge was your UK Twitter support telling me that “Echo Show integration will be announced soon!”. This was over a month ago and implies that it’s on the way.

I’m now a little worried that posts here seem to be contradicting that and suggesting that it’s not on the immediate plan? I, and I think others, would be happy if we could just get a straight answer?

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Blink staff have stated in the forum that amazon has a strict policy re: commenting publicly on product/feature roadmaps.

Unfortunately we’re all in the same boat. They’ll tell us it’s ready when it’s ready, and they’re not going to spill the beans earlier than that even if we ask very nicely.

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I get that, but the difference is I’ve been told one thing on social media and a different message here. When this feature is actually a major part of the decision making process between this and other products it doesn’t seem right that there’s mixed messages and info that could be misleading?

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I hear you man, but IMHO I think you may have read too much into a single tweet that used the term, “soon.”

It’s frustrating. I’d love to be able to see my Blink camera feeds on my fire TV.

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Yeah, soon implies it’s happening at some point, recent replies here suggest it’s not even certain. Never mind, fingers crossed!

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Nothing’s certain since they got acquired by amazon :weary:.

This functionality is essential. Just adding my voice to the mix to provide additional pressure on whoever’s managing the roadmap there. Love the Blink product line, but being able to view camera feeds and recordings from the Show would be a game changer for both product lines.

I am very much in the same boat. Amazon buying up all these companies has me concerned.

Just wanted to chime back in and say Echo Show and Spot integration is now here!


:slight_smile: fab!

Very cool! I’ve been holding off on getting a Spot until this was available. I’d love to see a video of someone who already has a Spot or Show showing off their Blink liveview integration.

@nick_at_blink Fantastic news! I got home to see my cameras not responding, and what looked to be doing lots of updates so checked here straight away!

I’ve got one of the cameras showing on my Spot; it’s a bit slow but I think the system is still updating

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