Alternative Power to batteries

Can anybody! Anybody! Tell me if connecting the alternative power source such as the hardwire power adapter causes the camera to not arm due to the length of the power cord? The people at Blink will not give me a direct answer! I installed my camera in the front of my house… I used a 30 foot flat power adapter… I neatly ran the wires behind my vinyl siding… I removed the batteries due to the fact that I used the plug in the back of the camera… It worked for all of 24 hours then I got several error messages like camera failed to arm and camera is busy! My question is: could the problem be caused by the length of the cable causing a loss of the 5volt 1amp required to run the camera? If that is the case, could I use a 5volt 2amp power adapter instead? Or what power adapter could I use to make it work??? Blink customer service will not give me a direct answer!!!

Yes it can, and it will probably be as a result of volts drop over such a long length. There is a simple test for you to check this. Run a mains power extension to near where you have the camera operating, then use the same power adaptor but with a small, say 2m, or less, USB cord. Does it work as it should? If it does, the power supply you have is adequate, the cable is not.

Look up volts drop over USB leads on Google, and you will find some handy tables, based on quality, or thickness of the conductors in typical USB cables. Increasing the supply to 2A will not help this, unless your 1A one is also borderline as a source voltage, and also drops a little as you try to draw current when the camera is active, making the situation worse, and dropping you below the operating voltage. Unlikely, so see what happens with the test above. I expect it will work perfectly with a 2m lead, and the mains power nearby.

Once you have your answer, you can plan alternatives from there.

You can make all those problems go away by using a large capacity external battery, short usb cord and a solar panel that recharges the external battery. Ready made kits for Blink are available on Amazon, Ebay, etc. The 2 AA batteries remain inside the camera for backup reserve power.

Ring now offers this setup as a standard product offering option.