All wireless cameras connect but wired mini camera won’t

I just set up my new system and all of the XT2 cameras connected fine. But when I try to add my wired mini camera all goes fine except when it tries to connect to my WiFi network. It gives me an error when trying to “send WiFi info to mini camera” - it says “mini camera failed to connect.” And it says most common problem is an incorrect WiFi password. But I know my WiFi password is correct because i just used the same password for the other cameras. Anyone else have this issue? And if so, what was the fix, if any?

Are you connections the mini to a 2.4GHz signal?

Yes. Wifi network is 2.4ghz. Like I said, I had just connected three XT2 cameras on the same network/system right before I tried adding the mini camera.

I do know that the app was updated for the mini, so check that. Otherwise, oops like you need to contact support.

Quick to do and easy to perform. You are going to do a reinstall refresh system. In all of this, make sure other devices on your wireless network are also disconnected during the refresh/reinstall. You are trying to isolate and install just that new mini camera.

delete all your cameras from the mobile app
remove all batteries from xt-2 cameras.
document those camera serial numbers
delete app from mobile device
delete temp files and cache from mobile device
restart mobile device

reinstall mobile app
install 1st just the mini camera
if mini camera now working, have fun with it.
if mini camera still not working call blink support
reinstall your existing blink XT-2 cameras.
sort camera order is in the mobile app

Realize not many people on here have the mini cam up and running yet. How to fix it is pure guesses at this moment in time.

There’s a reset button on the bottom press and HOLD that for just over 5 seconds and give it another try.

I have the same issue. Impossible to add blink mini with my others blink cameras

I just sent blink support an email because of this issue. I just bought 4 Blink cams, 1 x XT2 and 3 x Blink minis (one single pack + one double pack).

I successfully connected the XT2 and 2 of the Blink Mini cams. Just one of the blink mini out of the double pack does not connect to the blink app.

I tried it pretty often, made a reset, tried to add the third mini cam to the existing camera group and separately. No luck. My smartphone does find the local wifi network that the blink mini does create to connect to the smartphone and the app. I will now wait for the answer from the support desk.

Seems that the one blink mini does not work correctly.

My Mini is going back to Amazon sick of having to remove power and connect again to make it work My XT2 is great and not far from mini ( Now I’ll get told they are too close together) :joy::joy:

Have you found a solution? If not, try restart modem, turn off cellular data on your phone/tablet, reset mini cam. Then try adding mini cam again as normal. Hope this helps. I had the same problem for a whole month, works perfect now.

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After many hours of trying to connect a Blink Mini to my existing system via my Samsung S8 Mobile phone, I resorted to Blink Support who admitted defeat after many attempts and kindly shipped me a replacement camera. Further attempts by me with the new camera also failed and I packed the camera away in disgust thinking it must be something about my system that the Blink Mini didn’t like. A few hours later, I had an idea. Why not connect to my system via my Android tablet and try to install the new Blink Mini from the tablet? To cut a long story short, it worked like a dream and now when I access my system from my Samsung S8 phone, the camera is there and everything works fine. The implication being there was something about the Samsung phone or its settings that stopped the camera connecting to my system. I don’t understand why this worked but thought it was worth posting a solution that worked for me!

There is a setting on your S8 that instructs the phone’s WiFi to disconnect immediately from any WiFi service that has no internet connection. This is likely enabled, but check it. When the phone first connects to the mini, the phone’s WiFi is connected directly to the camera, and the camera knows nothing of your network details, yet, so it has no internet. If your phone will stay connected to that WiFi, with no internet, it continues the set-up, and you can pass your Wi-Fi details to the camera. If your phone says, no way, no internet, no connection, it will drop the camera connection, and set-up will fail.

Further details can be found on the support website below:

My S8 remained connected to the camera’s wifi signal which indicated no internet and did not disconnect. However the app would not let me go further until I disconnected from the camera wifi and then reconnected. Sometimes, this would then allow me to select the wifi router network I wanted to connect to but sometimes it would just fail. When it did allow me to select a router network, it would appear to be about to complete the installation but fail with an error message saying the app could not connect to the camera. I have checked the setting you mention on my S8 which is set to off. On the S8 I believe this setting to be under the Advanced section of Wifi and is called “Switch to mobile data” which if set to on will cause the phone to switch to the mobile network whenever the wifi connection is slow or unstable. This is set to off on my phone. I couldn’t find any other setting on my S8 that seemed like those described in the linked article and I note that the S8 was not listed there yet other Samsung galaxy devices are. I’m up and running now anyway and the process was simple and straight forward and worked perfectly using my android tablet. My phone accesses the camera no problem once I’d added the camera with a different device. I’ve spent many hours on this and I’m particularly disappointed that a lengthy telephone call with Blink support did not raise the issue pointed to in the linked article. Had they pointed this out, I may have tried using my android tablet much sooner and avoided costly product exchanges as well as saving everyone’s time and frustration. But thank you for taking time to help.

Aggressive handover to mobile data, or similar wording, is not the setting, but as you say you are up and running now, so no need to search for it. I posted only to present one possible explanation. You did not give the full process of how it failed, and since you say you sat connected to the camera “network”, for some time, this seems unlikely in this case.

Any method by which you can set it up, and gets it connected to your router’s network is a good one, just like any landing you walk away from is a good one, lol.

Frustrating that support did not mention both that possible setting, linked in their own support pages, nor did they suggest completing the set-up phase on a different device. Sure, it’s a workaround, and shouldn’t be necessary, but hey, once done it’s irrelevant, and it’s up and running. It also demonstrates that it’s a device specific set-up issue only, from which they too could learn.

I have the problem too. All cameras worked last.night. This morning one mini camera was not working. I reset it severaltimes, deleted it, added it back, won’t reset, it shows connected. Cables arepluggedin, power is on. What other steps can I take? Tom

I’m not sure what not working means. The app doesn’t show the device or the sync 2 doesn’t show the device if using the sync 2 module.

Can’t access the setting or the running man won’t turn on/off.

Record on motion detect doesn’t happen. Live Stream doesn’t work.

Is the IR settings set to auto? Is it the middle of the day and the IR light is on?

Could this be the condition where the auto IR is on and the IR doesn’t return to normal at dawn.

I have 2 mcameras, 1 outdoor. All were working, now 1 mini won’t work. I tried deleting, reset. After reinstalling it won’t reset, the other cameras are fine. I did push the reset button in. Neither light comes on.

Could it be the power adapter has gone bad?

Once I turned off cell data off my iPhone, it connected. Because I reset it, it had to update the firmware again. That you.