All security cameras will not go live or recoded since 12/06

This is a big concerns, none of the cameras we bought were able to go live or record/detect a motion since 12/06.​Sadly only the $37 wired camera has been working so it’s not a Wi-Fi issues. The batteries are still good. There’s always been an issues with blink cameras. What is the deal here??

What have you done to debug? Have you contacted support?

How can you be sure it’s not WiFi, as it relates to Blink hardware?

IMO, 99% of Blink issues are related to batteries and network issues. YMMV.

I did and haven’t got any respond. I’m trying to research if every body else has an issues and my sure mine didn’t get hacked

If the wifi to camera is low or no bars, it will not show a live feed or allow you to take a photo. It work for almost a year and stopped when I changed modems. Troubleshooting… If wifi connection are good and batteries are good it should work. That was my issue when I couldn’t get a live feed, the wifi was not connecting to camera. Keep saying camera busy. Or picture clip error. Hope that helps