All of a sudden

Yesterday all of my cameras, 10 in all have started false alerts & recording clips so fast they’re useless. I have rebooted my wifi router & modem & reconnected my 2 sync modules.
It keeps alerting & recording real fast, sometimes the recording is blank. Trying to figure out what’s going on, anybody else have this problem ? My mini seems to be OK, upload issue ?

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Sorry, I don’t have an answer. I have nine Cam’s on one sync mod and never had that happen. Are there any new electronics near the sync mods? That’s all I got, sorry.

Yes, Im having that exact issue on 1 of my cameras now. Its been driving me nuts for the last 24 hours or more. Im deleting approx 5-12 clips of blank/false clips an hour. Its an inside camera and while everyone is asleep, no movement, no pets, midnight til 6am, I woke up to have to delete almost 100 clips of nothing. Im working on it now if I figure out the issue Ill let you know. Just didnt want you to think you were the only one having this issue.

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I only have two on my network, I had to get a wifi booster as my back patio was a little weak once all was connected the system worked great! Now about a month later my front door camera is showing a weak signal and it always connected perfectly to the booster. We got it up and running again after taking it down and the batteries out, then it started recording the falling leaves the leaves on the ground moving… Now today nothing again and wifi signal is next to nothing again.