All day recording

Does blink record video of a full day and allow user to play back at their convenience or the recording only happens when live view is indicated.

It records motion clips, ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds, and allows you to view a live stream as well.

The Blink cameras do not offer continuous recording, though you can leave the system armed for motion detection for any interval of time.

Why don’t they? To conserve battery life? How about the Blink Mini which has a plugged in power supply? Or, is it to conserve storage space? What about the flash drives? Let the customers decide. Now I know why they call it The Blink system -it’s just that -brief captures of useless clips that don’t even work half the time no matter how the sensitivity is set! And if I want to surveil something with a live stream why do I have to keep pressing “continue” - that’s ridiculous.
Seems to me the Blink camera system has a lot of room for improvement- wake your engineers up from their slumber party already! lol


Sounds like this system is not for you. If you already bought it, should have checked before, or simply returned it. If you didn’t, good move, because you need an always on cabled system, that records to DVR.

No design errors, this is clearly exactly what Blink intended from their product.

Powered minis, or user powered other versions, if allowed, would kill their server bandwidth and space, without huge additional costs in changing it to something it was never intended to be.

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What a answer…blink sucks…should be my choice to re cord or not for more then 60 sec. What’s the difference recording 25 little clips compared to one long one

There is no none recording live views

People by the hundreds prove every month they buy on price, have bad assumptions, and are only willing to do the real research homework when they are forced to…after they buy.

Buy it try it return it is always an option for the homework haters. But hey. I’ll be the first to admit, Blinks marketing ads are somewhere between misleading and deception.

Blink works just fine to me. I mean very good to me for that price. You have to pay more if youwant more. I think this is the best answer.

Amen! People want the goods for free.

So, based on your answer who should have this camera? Blink supposed to provide excellent customer service. I’m sure a firmware would fix that option. Also, an SD card option would’ve been added to this camera.

I’ll let @suttyblink answer your exact question. However, I will tell you who should NOT buy Blink. Anyone who needs constant recording (Blink has stated that the chip can’t handle the heat), anyone who needs instant response (wifi issues and the cam must wake up) or anyone who needs real security rather than just basic monitoring or anyone who needs a baby monitor (a real sore point with some people on here!). I have some Ring product and to be honest, it isn’t much better (response wise) except for the video quality. My next system will be hard wired if I can find someone to install it (I physically can’t do it). Good luck.


Little more to add to what Ron said other than in reverse. People should buy Blink who are happy with a simple home monitoring system, and not looking for a full blown security system that is always on and always recording.

Maybe to expand a little, if you want to know your mail or package has been delivered, or look in periodically on your home, remote home or cabin, it’s ideal. I have a fishing cabin, and being able to look in on it, both inside and out, gives me great peace of mind, during the winter, when I am never there. Also having it alert me when people are noseying around, or the cows have broken through the fence, is of great help. If it’s the animals that are loose, or people persist, I can notify the farmer.

In the main it’s a battery powered, motion activated system, designed to be on for extremely limited periods of time. This thread is predicated on why can it not do all day recording. It cannot, because it was never designed to do so. Not when it was conceived, not when the designs were laid down, and not when it was manufactured.

Moreover, they are not even moving in that direction. The newish Blink mini, which is always powered, does not allow continuous viewing or recording. It’s patently obvious this was designed to fit into their existing method of operation, which was designed around battery operated cameras. Their planned bandwidth usage, their planned storage facilities, and their planned infrastructure, as a whole, are clearly not aimed at all day recording.

There are systems that are designed for this, all day recording, and a little research soon sorts out the real security solutions. It’s easy to spot anyway. Blink costs hundreds, real security systems, always on, constant recording, terrific night vision, human presence detection, etc, etc, etc, cost thousands. You can even get systems with permanent human monitoring if you pay enough.

To add to Ron’s list of who should NOT get Blink, I would include those that are not prepared to invest at lease a reasonable amount of time in ensuring it is installed correctly, learning fully how to get the best out of the system, the app, and someone who is willing to do a reasonable amount of testing to ensure that it functions just as expected, including when deployed in your final chosen positions. If this is not you, do not get it.

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I would like to point out when sutty said a good continuous system cost thousands that this is not fully true.

I use blink for my front door (packages, visitors, etc) which works amazingly with the small motion recordings and alerts. I use cheap $40 cameras that provide continuous recording to a overwriting sd card system that had been working great for years now. It’s not as crystal clear as the thousand dollar systems but the w*** cams do the job there (person detection and everything) not sure if mentioning the brand name Is against terms on here, so let me know and I can give you the name with out the **:slight_smile: . That said blink still has a fantastic place in my monitoring system as it is more clear for the front door.

They’ve been mentioned enough, so I don’t think it’s an issue. I stand by what I said though, if you want ‘real security systems’ you pay thousands, but for sure, you can get continuous recording for less.

Pleased to hear the the other brand is working out for you. It’s certainly something for me and others to consider for such future, cost effective, alternatives. I can’t try them out yet, though I would like to, because they are not released in the UK yet. I feel sure they will be soon enough.

Independent fact checkers have proved this FALSE What you did was cherry pick the conversation to get your point across. Here is what Sutty said.

Yes all of these features in one multi camera real deal securty system will indeed cost you thousands. If all you want is always on…hello baby monitor for less than a hundo.

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@Joel_Ek I simply stated the facts incase other new people stumble across this like I did hence the reason I said " not fully true" instead of just false… No need to be rude, I didn’t cherry pick anything. Joined to provide info not to be accused of anything lol, way to welcome new people xD. Have a good one

@suttyblink hope they come to uk soon! Sorry new here didn’t know how often they had been mentioned and just wanted to help incase new people stumbled across this, didn’t mean any disrespect.

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None taken. :+1:

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You got your opinions and I have mine.
Welcome to the club newbie.
Don’t worry I wont stick any body parts out at ya via emoticons or otherwise.

Well maybe not thousands… depends I guess. At my office, I have a system I built my self…

Running on an old Dell and router I had hanging around - Free
Blue iris software and phone app - $70
6 Hikvision 3 mp cams (solid cams) - $600
3 4 tb skyhawk drives (2 cams record to each one) - $300
assorted parts (POE adapters, power line adapters, cat5 cable,etc) - $500

3 cameras record 24/7, 3 cameras record about 16 hours a day, motion detect the other 8.

So for about $1500, it can be done for 6 cameras at least… not thousand(s), but at least 1 :slight_smile: