All cameras are off; msg says "http 406"

I’ve been using blink original indoor and outdoor cameras since kickstarter days Today, at 7am. I couldn’t arm the app; all cameras had all their settings turned off, all camera screens are white. Onscreen msg says “http 406” when trying to turn on a setting of a camera or when trying to arm the system. I saw one other post here saying that turning off McAfee VPN fixed the issue. I don’t have VPN. I have had McAfee from T-Mobile for a few months, but no problems. What can you suggest?
…I can suggest that something changed during the time I wrote the above, as all is as it should be now. Put that in the list of known fixes, I guess.
Happy New Year indeed.

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Just noticed mine did the same thing today. Was working this morning then this today at 11:07am got a notification and then went down with the http 406 error. I also do not vpn or have mcafee attached to anything…

Google it for more info.
Short answer is the hamster wheel fried a bushing again.

Blink cloud servers

I am having this 406 error. I know that it is not a power outage issue. I am unable to do other troubleshooting procedures remotely. So now I am without the security that I purchased the system for.

Read/Search first, there is already an active thread regarding this.