Alert notification not working

I have 3 cameras; 2 inside and 1 outside. After instillation everything worked great. Over the last month I noticed no notifications being sent when people walk through the camera area. My app is updated. The activity zones are blue (not grey). Any suggestions? Thx.

I have the same problem. One camera detects motion, the others do not. Happened since Tuesday. All other functions work and I’m not using zones. Disabling/re-enabling motion detection or the camera doesn’t change this.

I have the same problem!!! Has anyone figured it out to fix it?

I have just purchased a one camera system, everything works but, the notifications do not work. I got the one camera system first to establish the quality etc. and wanted to add another 3 cameras however, the notifications not working makes this useless for my needs. Will be sending it back.

Mine does the same thing… Sometimes push notifications work, then nothing for days. Very frustrating!