After the free trial/ local storage

So I got this camera because of the local storage and not needing to use cloud storage with a fee.
My free trial of cloud storage is over and I am now using a 128g thumb drive.
First impressions of just this aspect.
In the log of all your clips you no longer see the video in the thumbnail just a play icon. Kind of annoying.
Also no more select all and delete. You have to click each clip and start it to then hit the trash icon.
2 more annoyances to a system that I’m already thinking about replacing.

The missing thumbnails and delete options sound like app issues and are independent of whether local storage works properly.

Many users are interested in the functionality of local storage.

Did you ever think that maybe Blink was teasing you with 30 days of freebies so that you would love em and sign up for them after the trial is done. Of think of it this way, trial is done and so is some of the functionality. Wanna pay you gotta pay is how Blink is rolling nowadays.

It’s not bait and switch, rather it’s marketing. Your new vehicle comes with a free subsciiption to sattelite radio. You get hooked on satellite radio and miss it when subscription ends. Wanna play you gotta pay!

The local drug dealer on the corner gives a meth head a freebie as the person is a newbie. Meth head is hooked and wants more. Wanna play you gotta pay!

Do you see a pattern yet? Free is never free forever. Even AOC knows better.

It was never free in the first place.

There was always the cost of R&D, support, maintenance, etc. If you want features and enhancements to be free these costs would be bundled (rolled) into the base MSRP.

Most people here know how the game of words is played. No cost to consumer = FREE. You know, like the 2 free batteries that are included with the cost of each camera. Of course it’s buried in the cost you pay for the hardware item. Did you pay extra for the mobile app? Nope as it’s free to use also.

Blink’s problem is the long history (since 2014 kickstarter days) of no cost to customer cloud storage has changed. Older grandfathered in customer still gets free cloud storage. However, the new customers now have to make a choice. Time will tell if that change kills Blink sales or not.

Some startups get their funding from venture capitalists. Others from stock and debt offerings.

Kick starters are often used to fund the initial manufacturing run and judge product demand.

Perfectly ok with not being able to delete all clips at once with loss of subscription, but am wondering what happens when USB flash drive storage capacity is reached. Are oldest clips deleted as new ones are stored? Or will I soon get a message that flash drive is full?

I would swear I saw the answer. But I can’t find the answer on the blink support site.

It might have been as an answer from Heidi_at_Blink on amazon under outdoor camera questions. They are pretty good at answering questions.

Or maybe I just think I saw an answer - caused by licking too many toads.


Another user dicking around with Blink tech support because my free subscription ended and I foolishly bought into the story of seamless local USB storage. The moment it ended my camera became nothing but a motion sensor alerter and an “on demand” video camera. Absolutely nothing is being stored to the USB even though the sync module says it is ready. Here is the text of the last message from tech support. Obviously English is not the first language.


Thank you for your response.

Thank you for providing us access to the account we really appreciate it. Sorry if you misunderstood the email I send you the wrong one my bad for that.
In this case, I make sure to refresh your system on my end. Please let us know if it’s still doing the same thing. Please let us know if the notification issue is still there."

My response was:

"Clips are still not being saved to my local
USB, and the double notifications are still
occurring when motion is detected.

Before I contacted tech support, I deleted and
reinstalled my camera. Am I now going
to need to delete the entire system and

Since the free trial cloud storage ended, my
satisfaction with this system and Amazon
has dropped to zero. This was supposed to
be pretty seamless."

I sent that yesterday afternoon and have heard nothing back.