Advice on new Amazon forum please

With the notice at the top of the page directing us to the Amazon forum, can anyone please advise if this forum will be closing down?

Is it better to move over to the Amazon forum or will the same questions be shared between both forums?

In a number of the replies, the forum seem to be telling anyone with a Blink question to contact Blink support.

I’ll answer in the order you posted:

  1. Blink Community forum changes This forum might be here for reference for a while but will probably shut down.

  2. I doubt the questions will be shared - why would they? Too much work.

  3. Well, neither this forum or the Amazon forum is Blink tech support so that would make sense if you have a tech problem.

Bear in mind, I’m not a Blink or Amazon employee so these are just my opinions.
As I’ve said before I don’t care for the Amazon forums so I doubt I’ll be there very much if at all.

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Thanks for the help.

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