Adding new outdoor camera and sync module 2 to existing XT1 setup


For what I think should be a common scenario, the FAQs for the subscription tiers doesn’t make it very clear to me.

I have an existing XT1 3 camera setup, and am looking to get an additional camera for 2way audio. Since XT2 is now old, can I just buy the new outdoor camera, replace my sync module 1 with v2, and continue to have free cloud storage, with the additional bonus for the new camera to store locally on usb? I don’t want to have to pay any subscription charges.

Can someone please advise, thanks.

Granted, it’s not easy to find clear info on this, and things seem to keep changing, but, I’m fairly sure, if you had your XT system registered, prior to April 2020, then any outdoors added will continue to be free of subscription.

No need to even get a sync module 2, in my opinion, because it adds little. If the bundle is cheaper, get it, and if you want an extra sync module, get it, but don’t get it for local storage, because only your new outdoor can take advantage of it, and, if you have continued free cloud, why would you anyway?

I agree with Sutty. I kinda did what you indicated. I just scraped by original XT’s all together and rolled out the New Outdoor Cams on the old sync. Worked fine. When registering the New Outdoors a message came up to inform me that my storage would be free cloud-based because of my customer status. You will be fine with old sync module.