Adding a Mini Camera to Existing XT2 Sync Module

I’ve read that XT2 systems will continue to receive free, ongoing cloud storage, regardless of when your account was created. Good news, because they don’t have local storage!

Anyone know if adding a mini camera to an XT2 sync module/system will get you ongoing free cloud storage (rather than setting up individually)? I don’t want to pay for a subscription, but the minis don’t have local storage. That means I have to buy a new sync module2 to get local storage for the minis. In other words, Blink is forcing me to spend more money or my Mini cameras are useless…

Wrong info. The cutoff date is April 15, 2020. You need to have a system activated by that date. System is a sync module up and running with your account. Then add any camera you want. The April 15 2020 date is documented in MANY places now. Unfortunate that, it was discussed wrongly in multiple places also. Blink has updated the story to be accurate now. The Blink support website are the places to get the current accurate info.

Just do it. From the home screen of your mobile up, click the + icon in upper right. Adding a mini indoor camera is a choice.

Their support page says the exact opposite.

But I’m in Canada, so maybe that’s different?

And unless they can get the XT2 cameras working with the Sync2 module, that means everyone with XT2 cameras will have to pay for cloud storage. False advertising to get paid subscribers…ouch…

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It says exactly the opposite for me too and for everything I’ve found. XT2 will continue to have free cloud storage, whenever they are purchased. The cut off date simply means that you will not be grandfathered in to the cloud storage if you buy a new outdoor or indoor camera, if your existing system was purchased and registered after the cut off date.

I’ve had at least one system for over two years, and I am all but certain if I bought an outdoor camera, I would get continued, free, cloud storage, even for that camera.

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I just double checked, and the Blink support page is still linking to that chart on Amazon as "subscription information " which indicates that free XT2 cloud storage is ongoing, regardless of purchase date:

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Buy what you really want.
Try it for 2 weeks
If you are not happy, return it for a refund.

After awhile, the assumptions, theories, stories, wrong documentation, etc. doesn’t matter. What matters is what happens in real life. The #1 most important thing I will always remember from going to school was…

The book says one thing and the real world results say another.

Regarding bad info for Blink…Amazon, Blink support website, as well as their mobile app is FILLED with broken links, old outdated info, as well as missing info for their legacy products. Out with the old and in with the new to create sales. Blink also has a long history now of misleading advertisements, puffery, and broken promises.

Don’t believe everything you read. Buy it, try it, like it or return it. Simple as that.

I’m not sure I’d call a link from the Blink support page directly to that Blink-created chart on Amazon “old info”, but ultimately all companies have fine print that their policies can change at any time.

I guess we’ll all find out next year what the real deal is. I already have my XT2 and it works well for me. I bought some minis, too, so I’ll add them to my XT2 system and see how that goes.

Should be interesting to see how this all plays out!

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