Add video zoom capability to Android app

I would also like the ability to zoom.

Yes Please update your Software to include Pinch and Zoom for Android Users since we make up for 54 Percent of the Worlds Smartphone users and Growing.

Ya, I can’t get this triple-tap to work on an S7 either, and when I email clip, it plays only in letterbox. I did find the clips downloaded on my phone in a folder called movies, but not the regular gallery, and it can’t be played due to an “unexplained error” Much rather have access to my blink photos and videos than a stinkin doorbell. I’ve got 13 cams with 3 locations and have been waiting for the promised features.

Hey @A_Person, @sanjay92, @blm70, @Rich_B, @northan, @xotech and others!

Pinch and zoom was just added to the android app today! Check it out :grin:

Working perfectly thanks

Woo hoo! Glad to see our requests are starting to be added.

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Considering you did actually start this thread in Jul '17 :grinning:

Better late than never !

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