Add video zoom capability to Android app

I really miss the ability to pinch to zoom on a captured video clip or in live view like I used to when I had an iOS device. Now that the XTs support 1080p via a future firmware update zooming will be that much more useful.


I agree that the zooming feature is a great one to have. Hopefully, when the XT cameras update to the 1080p zooming will not even be required to view the full details of the subject of the clips/live view! When you switched from and IOS device, did you switch over to an android that no longer allows for this in app feature? Would this be something that you would find valuable for an app update if this is the case?


Hi Tori yes I switched from iPhone (where I had the feature ) to Android. I would really like the zoom feature to be added to the Android version of the app


Is zoom feature only available in IPhone not Android ?

Hi @sanjay92 yes currently only the iOS version of the app supports zooming

Yes zooming would be great!

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We are working on adding zooming in Android app though it is a bigger technical challenge that one would anticipate due to the variety of Android devices and hardware platforms.



Here you go maybe this will help speed along the process!!!


Just purchased a set of 3 blink cameras. I would love to have a zooming feature.

Seem that Blink feature set is opposite the Samsung Smartcam. IOS for Smart cam cannot zoom but Android can.
And from what I think I read here, Blink can zoom with IOS but not Android.

Oh well

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Welcome @Rich_B
Hope you like the system.
This has been discussed a few times, I think it would be great. Lets hope this feature comes soon.

Good morning,

You can also zoom in to the video on your PC as big as you want with the NOX player app I have talked about in one of my earlier post (Video storage). Picture is very nice and clear.


Triple tap the screen on android t zoom. Then use two fingers to move screen around in zoom mode or to continue zooming, pinch and zoom. triple tap screen to exit zoom.

Is this still coming?

The more I play with it recently the more I see exactly how many basic features are missing from the apps :frowning:

Triple Tap mentioned above does not work for me.

Before I switched from android last month, if you download the video clip to your phone you could zoom in while watching the video without that triple tap.

I could swear I could zoom on clips in the blink app too, but I must be wrong.

I tried the tripple tap method, however to implement that require me to shut off several features of my phone (Galaxy S8) that I used often. This is not the real solution. Really, native zoom support has to be added directly to/within the app itself. It would also be great to take a “snapshot” from within the app as well. While I do like these cameras, the app should be more like how the Samsung smartcam app functions. I can zoom, take snapshot, change resolution, all from in the the app. Thank you and regards

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I have recently purchased the 5 camera system and I probably should of researched better beforehand. Luckily I am in the 30 day window still. I cannot believe there is no pinch to zoom on android. I have a 16 dollar no name Chinese camera that has that feature and man more. Just wow.

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Simple things like zoom and camera re ordering should have been in the app from the very beginning


Agree, Blink is missing some basic features that you find on systems costing much less. I hope development dollars are still being put into the company. At this point they are leaving the door open for a competitor to move into their slot.

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What systems are you claiming cost much less? By cost less how? Most other systems have some sort of subscription fees and the cams depending what ones are almost double the cost too. Example ring and nest subscription fees, and rings cheapest cam excluding doorbells are like 200$ For a spotlight cam, and a nest outdoor cam is like 200$ also.

Also looked the aro pro is 189$ at Best Buy. Although the basic plan is free it only keeps clips in cloud storage for 7 days.


For price and battery life Blink is still unrivaled. I really do wish they would work on the app polish though with added features and more robust user account controls.