Add a second phone number for 2fa text?

Twice my wife’s phone updated the app and she needed to log in to the app, but the text went to my phone. All fine and good if I am in a situation where I can forward the number to her, but sometimes this is not possible. Would like the number to her phone also if she needs to log in.

Blink mobile app does not support multi user accounts. All it supports is one email, one password, and one phone number. That one set of credentials can be used on multiple mobile devices however.

Yeah, kinda thought that was the case, but one can dream… We’ve had th app on our phones for a few years now, old blink xt system still plugging along just fine, wishing for a few features that won’t become available, in all likelihood. Oh well.

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Same boat here. Running 6 XT gen 1 cameras on a single sync module 1. Batteries are lasting FOREVER as I have the entire system disarmed for 16 hours out of 24 every day. The work from home thing = don’t need or want cameras on. I use scheduler to arm system at bedtime and turn off 8 hour later.

Three cameras, one sync, always armed except when I remember to disarm while mowing the yard. Even so, getting 6 months on my busiest camera (front door) batteries. Consider that quite acceptable. Don’t guess that I expected more than the system offered, find it to be a good fit for what I wanted. Still, an occasional bug in the right ears might get a tweak on the user part of the app. (Assuming anyone from blink ever looks at these anymore. One doesn’t see them chime in nowadays.)

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