Activate NightView without IR-LED

To use a Blink Mini behind a window with external IR-Spot its recommened to activate NightView without the internal IR-LED.

In this actual configuration the Cam can only see the own mirror after activating NightView.

Please add an Button to Activate NightView with IR-LED off and IR-Filter on :slight_smile:

Yes, I know, it’s possible to buy the Outdoor-System.

Study up on what an IR filter does. You’ll then realize that having an IR filter on with no IR LED on doesn’t make any sense. You need both on for night vision to work.

Regarding free additional benefits/features on a 30 some dollar camera, you have a batter chance of winning playing pulltabs at the bar.

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It’s possible you haven’t read: An external IR spot is installed in this environment.

Ok I get what you are saying.

I gotta ask, who made that recommendation? I get that for IR spotlight for outdoor use, but not with a camera behind a window. The glare/mirror problem comes into play as you said. To me you have cascading problems that are easily solved using an outdoor rated camera. Does not have to be Blink brand by the way. If you want to stay ultra affordable like the Blink indoor mini, check out the new Wyze outdoor camera.