Activate Echo Show on motion

We use Blink in our home and at our coffee shop. At the coffee shop we have an Echo Show in the kitchen, and staff can simply say “Alexa, show me the counter camera”. Perfect.

One capability that would be really nice would be to automatically activate the Echo Show to display the counter camera when it detects motion. Is this possible? Perhaps with IFTTT?

That would allow the barista to be in back washing dishes during slow times, yet automatically see when someone approaches the counter. I know there are other ways to do this with motion sensor chimes, but doing it with Blink and Echo would be very elegant and unobtrusive.


currently, there’s no official support for this. You could build something with some 3rd party apps, but i’m not familiar with other echo devices to help with that. The best solution may just be to set that camera to record with a very short video and a long retrigger time, that way you get the push notification of the recording, and then be able to request live view.

How can this be done? Is it going to be supported soon?

I have blink xt2 and echo show… Tried ifttt to automate opening echo show with the live view from the camera when it detects motion but this is not available either.

I thunk this is something that every owner of a blink + echo display device would crave for… I know I am

Please let us know how can this be done or how can we ask for this feature to be made available?


This is a user forum. We don’t know. Blink will no comment on futures here.

Showing live view on echo show on cam action would be a great function for many users. Wonder, why this is not possible in any way.

I found a way to do this through routines. However, do keep in mind that it will show a live feed of the camera for 5 minutes unless you tell Alexa to “stop viewing” or “go home”.

I created a routine for each camera where, if motion is detected on one of the cameras, it sends a custom command to Alexa to “Show blank camera”.

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To stop the 5 minute recordings create another skill that triggers on motion for the same camera, then add the following actions:

  • Wait 35 seconds (with the set time function)
  • Hide “camera name” (custom function which needs to be last)

The wait time period will record 30 seconds as it takes about 5 seconds for the camera to activate. You can set this to your desired recording length.
This also fixes the issue where you cant access the live view on your phone while the Alexa skill is active.

Hope this helps



Awesome workaround! Appreciate it.

Great solution for the elderly/seniors! Dave, dpcrow and gmendez you guys are amazing! Thank you!

Hi all, I set up the routine exactly as above, but motion from my blink mini won’t trigger the event. When I manually test the routine from the app it works perfectly, but no amount of resets of both the blink or the echo show will allow the camera to trigger the routine. I know it’s set up correctly since it works manually from the app. What am I missing?