Account Phone Number

Does anyone know how to input your phone number in the account section on the app? Whenever I try I get a message saying invalid number I’ve tried to change it to get text or a call with the code tried with and without a zero on the beginning of my mobile but it still won’t take it.

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Didn’t know you could, and not sure why one might need to, but for the sake of the exercise, I just did it without issue.

First question it asked was for my password, to give me authority to do it. Second, it let me type it in, which I did without a leading 0, and third, it sent me a verification code, by text, to the number I had just entered, which I read, and entered it as it requested.

Job done, number in my app, for some reason, lol.

Just be sure to read what it’s asking you for, at each particular stage, and you should be fine. If not, and you were already doing it exactly right, I can’t really say why you can’t do it. Maybe contact support?

Thanks for the post. Just added my phone number to my account. It took about 2 minutes to get the verification text for setup.

Once the phone number is added to your account the app now requires text verification if you want to change your password.

Fair enough. Cheers.

I just added mine, but before that I had to log in with my password then I added my cell number but without the 1 only area code and phone number