Access video clips from PC?

How can I view and manage my video clips from my PC please, instead of only my iOS device?


You need to search the forum as there are hundreds of answers on this

Been asked for 1,000 times
Been denied 1,001 time and counting.
Gotta use a 3rd party workaround via an android emulator

Thanks. Disappointing. Seems such an obvious requirement.

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Why do you want something you didn’t purchase? Or are you like thousands of others that didn’t realize desktop viewing wasn’t supported by Blink before you purchased Blink. They simply made the assumption that it was and purchased anyway.

Or maybe like thousands of others, we received the base system as a gift?!?!

Hmmm, maybe not.
You’re gonna have a hard time selling that fake news story around here. In any case, now you want something for nothing. You didn’t even buy the Blink system. You got it for free and now you want even more free stuff??!!

You missed my point - I did understand that there is no PC interface when I received the system.
I don’t want something for free, I was just looking around for a way to view the live videos on my PC, which like most people, I spend a lot of time at.
I am fortunate enough to understand emulators & the like and have set up MEmu on my PC without issue - thus am able to view the Blink videos on a PC.

I also found it reasonable to just download the videos I want to save whether viewing on my phone/tablet or whatever (again I was aware of this function in the app) so I really don’t care one way or the other about the PC thing, I set up MEmu just for fun.
Bottom line: people just want a way to see the videos on the device they spend the most time at and were looking here to find that magic lamp.

Spend more time finding out how to view the blink video clips on a smart television. You’ll be even happier. I programmed an android Tv box then added the Blink app to that.

Can you say more how you achieved that please? I have a Panasonic smart TV and might attempt something similar. In Blink here on my iPad or iPhone I cannot even automatically upload to Dropbox (as I can with the iOS app Motion Sensor).

[quote=“terrypin, post:10, topic:12241”]
I have a Panasonic smart TV

Google best android TV box and also learn about Amazon Firestick.

Add my name to the list of people who knew when they bought (now 21 Blink cameras) they knew PC support was not included… And my voice to the notion that Blink should rationalize that their wonderful hardware should be deployed to the platform that n o an increasing majority of users would like to access on their most used device…